Who Is This Chick?

umbrella meJamaica has conquered me. It’s turned me into a full-time addict of it’s people, culture, food and adventures and my allegiance slowly shifted from “Canadian office worker” to “random Jamaica thrill seeker”. When trying to figure out a title for my lifestyle I can only think of one word – PATHFINDER.

Most of my career history was spent as a government employee while I raised my son on my own – I had to choose security over frivolity. Since I had never really traveled anywhere I didn’t know what I was missing so it didn’t matter. More than a decade ago I discovered the joy of travel and uncovered a passion for writing. Ever since then I have been slowly combining the two of them to create my new future. I’m an independent woman and have become a very independent traveler with the purpose of encouraging others to experience life with the same adventurous spirit that I’ve created for myself.

As a result of this website I’ve developed a large following of fellow Jamaica travel addicts, as well as Jamaicans who support what I do.

I always try to maintain my diehard flair for everything “local” because you haven’t had a cultural experience until you’ve mingled with the REAL Jamaica. Get into the country, meet the local people, jump on the back of a motorbike, GET OFF THE TOUR BUS!