How to Obtain a Jamaican Tax Registration Number (TRN)

Obtaining a Jamaican TRN is one of the easiest business processes to complete in Jamaica.  It costs nothing and can be done in a matter of a couple hours depending on wait times at the tax office you choose.

A TRN or Tax Registration Number in Jamaica is useful for a number of different things and any foreigner can obtain one.

A few reasons why you might need a TRN: 

  • Opening a bank account in Jamaica,
  • Registering and starting a business in Jamaica,
  • Buying a home,
  • Opening utility accounts in your own name,
  • Starting a non-profit charity, etc.


The TRN is pretty much the first piece of Jamaican identification you should obtain if you plan to live in or do anything business related in Jamaica.

Nearly every city or major town in Jamaica has a tax office where anyone can apply for a TRN.  I got mine in Black River which is a very small town so that just shows how easy it is to find a tax office anywhere.


tax administration jamaicaAlthough the Tax Administration Jamaica website indicates that you only need a couple pieces of government identification I would advise having as many pieces of ID as possible, especially as a foreigner and ESPECIALLY if your surnames don’t match on one or more pieces.  The surname on my birth certificate does not match my current surname due to the divorce of my parents when I was young.  This became an issue when obtaining my TRN.  The tax office wanted proof of the name change but that was impossible to provide since I was a toddler when the  name change happened.  Even though I had several other pieces of Canadian issued government ID with my current surname on it I had to argue for them to push my application through.

All I’m saying is go in prepared and you’ll come out with your TRN the same day.

I’ve heard that in the past the tax office used to provide a plastic ID card with your TRN on it.  I applied early in 2017 and was advised at that time that they only give a certificate on paper now so make sure you keep copies in a safe place.

You can also apply for a TRN online through the TAJ website.  Instructions on how to do so are clearly indicated on the website although I think maybe it takes a lot longer to process this way, when you can get it in one day in a tax office.

To read about my personal process obtaining my TRN you can READ HERE.


Have you obtained your TRN in Jamaica?  If so, was it a straight forward process for you?  Tell us about it in the comments below.



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