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Jamaica Cell Phone Tips

I’m doing this post as a follow-up to my original post about cell phones in Jamaica. CLICK HERE to read that one.

Over time I learn new things and need to update the old info I’ve posted.  I always assume people know everything but then I get new members on my forum asking about it.

As I mentioned in the old post, if you’re a frequent traveler to Jamaica the most economical choice for communicating there is just to buy a Jamaican cell phone.  You can get a bottom of the line Digicel phone with a SIM card for less than $50.  Then you just add credit to the phone as you need it.  And I’m telling you, the dirt cheap Nokia I bought there two years ago is one of the best phones alive!  It even has a flashlight on it for dark Jamaican streets at night.

When I’m not in Jamaica I load credit on it periodically through the internet.  It’s super easy and you have a couple options for topping it up from home.

CLICK HERE to add credit through Digicel Online Top-Up.

CLICK HERE to add credit through Ezetop Online Top-Up.

Both websites offer the same service, you set up an account with them and use your credit card to add whatever dollar amount to your own cell phone or to anyone’s phone.  Ezetop has the added bonus of using Paypal for USA customers sending credit.  When you send your own phone credit it just sits on the phone til you get back to Jamaica and turn your phone on.

Both services also have “double bubble” promotions where you add a certain dollar amount to your phone and the credit doubles.  ***NOTE*** – Read the fine print about double bubble promotions because in most cases the bonus credit is only valid for 7 days and expires, so it doesn’t serve you any purpose unless you’re in Jamaica using the credit.  However it’s a great option for sending credit to your friends….you send them $10 and it doubles to $20.

Another tip – If you call home a lot while you’re in Jamaica you might want to consider the International plan.  For $1000  or $1250 JMD you can get 1000 or 1250 international minutes to call Canada, USA and UK.  To activate the plan simply load $1000 / $1250 JMD on your phone then dial *134# SEND.  From there you will be prompted by a text message.  Keep in mind you still need credit over and above the plan to continue to make local Jamaica calls.

Oh and guess what?  For Blackberry users, if you take your Blackberry to Jamaica with you and it’s unlocked you can insert your Digicel SIM and purchase BB plans while on vacation!  They have 7-day, 14-day and 1-month plans available.  For more info on the BB plans Digicel offers CLICK HERE. Note the list of handsets at that link may not be current but you can find out if your BB is compatible at any Digicel store.


Okay I think I’ve covered everything I was trying to update for now. I just got a Blackberry and will be in Jamaica in 3 weeks so will test out the BB packages and let you know how it goes.

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  1. Thanks for the update; I’m so used to using Digicel for top-ups, I never knew about Ezetop. Heading to check ‘em out!

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  2. Oh really?? sign up for both because they both have double bubbles at different times LOL.

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  3. Good morning, do you know about the Digicel international calling cards? When I purchase from Digicel in JA, I get almost 30dys of talk time. When I purchase the same international card online, I am lucky if I get 2-3dys worth, then it runs out. Has anyone else experienced this?
    Will be in JA 10-24 July and usually pre-book/pay for accomodations.. but this time thought I would “wing: it. Now closer to the date, I am having a hard time finding what I need for what I can afford. Any suggestions or referrals would be greatly appeciated. Have a great day!

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  4. Wow your so kind to post this great and useful infomation for all of us! God bless you and thank you! I have a boost blackberry curve do you know if that will work in JA? Also enjoy your trip.. I will be going August 7 and counting down the days!!!!

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  5. Your blackberry will work in JA if it’s unlocked. I bought an unlock code off Ebay for $1.00 and did it myself.
    On the trip I just returned from I did buy the 7-day unlimited data package from Digicel and it worked beautifully, I had access to all my online stuff.

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  6. What a thoughtful service. I’ll be in Jamaica later this year. Was not sure what iwanted to replace my current cell phone with but now I know it is going to be a Blackberry!

    If I buy a unlocked Blackberry in the US take it to Jamaica and use it can I then use the same phone in the US for all my calls?

    Have a great time.

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  7. Yes Janet you can use your unlocked phone in any country as long as you’re using the local SIM card for that country. So if you take you BB to Jamaica just buy a Digicel chip for it.

    Last trip I did use the vacation data package Digicel offers and it worked like a charm. I had full internet access and BBM and all that good stuff while I was in JA.

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  8. My husband just found his family after 20 years of not knowing their whereabouts they do not have a phone and we would like to send them one so that we can communicate with them by voice but have no idea how to go about it we live in the us.

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  9. Mrs Simpson, I suspect you’d have to find out what their mailing address is and ship it to them. What area do they live in?

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  11. If you send them a phone from abroad you have to make sure it’s unlocked and uses a SIM chip.

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  12. You can also top up Digicel, LIME, Claro and other international carriers on Claja which is also powered by ezetop!

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  13. Thanks for the tip Donald! What a great service you have on your site.

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  14. So I’m planning on buying a blackberry phone for my cousin in Jamaica. Do I have to buy this BB from a specific company brand like T-Mobile etc… and does it have to be unlocked for them to use it?

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  15. Mark it has to be one with a SIM card and yes it has to be unlocked for them to be able to put their Jamaican SIM inside it.

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  16. For anyone interested in unlocking your BlackBerry for travel to Jamaica, especially the newer BlackBerry 10 models please check out It is 100% Jamaican owned!

    Take advantage of a limited time 30% off coupon code: JA30PCT

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  17. But be aware if you want to unlock your BB10, it has a micro-sim card so a regular chip won’t fit. Where can people buy those in Jamaica?

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  18. Both Digicel and LIME (formerly Cable and Wireless) will either provide you with a micro-sim or cut a regular SIM for you.

    They cut my Digicel SIM card for me at the beginning of the year. They use a small device that looks like a hole punch. It cost about USD $4

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  19. That’s AWESOME to know!! I had no idea – I guess probably because I’ve only had my BB10 for a couple of months and haven’t been back to Jamaica since I got it. I saved my old BB for travel.
    Thanks so much for the info Marc!

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