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How #60Days Can Turn Into A Year

tobago island connoisseurThis is a public service announcement to the tourism officials who will be choosing the TOP 10 in Tobago’s Island Connoisseur contest this month.

Tobago is very lucky with the timing of this contest because it runs in conjunction with the fact that I was just about to break free from Jamaica to become an ISLAND NINJA, as you may have read in my official contest bio over at www.TobagoAnd.Me

Tobago would officially be the first stop for this Jamaica-junkie-gone-rogue.

NOT ONLY will I fulfill the IC position requirements to YOUR specifications but I have proof two times over that spending a couple¬† months on an island easily converts into a year’s worth of personal blog posts by me.¬† Because I experience life and work in such depth I will be writing about my IC escapades long after the position ends.

Please allow me to let Tobago become the debut island in my newest journey.


#60days in Tobago Island Connoisseur



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  1. I REALLLLLLLLY Hope they choose you Kristi So we Get the most down to earth funny stories of what Tobago has to offer! Who knows we may even jump on a plane and join you! Bless Up!

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  2. as much as I would miss you in Jamaica, i know you would be the BEST person for this job, and just by them having you there, all of us would be reading your posts and blogs and we would all want to come there also, and start a new island addiction.

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  3. We will jump on a plane to join her!!! You are the number 1 choice! Canadian Island hopper!!

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  4. Thanks ladies!! I need to make them understand that there is only one correct choice lol.

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  5. VOTE NOW: 2 times from all devices!

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  6. Looking forward to your blog posts, don’t have too much fun now! Your heart belongs to Jamaica!!

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  7. Thanks but I came in #4, I didn’t win.

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