The Fine Art of Dating While Travel Blogging

While some may think the travel blogging lifestyle is glamorous there are a lot of harsh realities that come along with it.  I ALWAYS get asked by readers what my relationship status is and I think the real question is:


How does a travel blogger handle dating and relationships while on the road?


My answer?  Always with one foot out the door.  It has become a conundrum in my life because while I’m lonely as hell in between trips when I’m back home it’s obviously not worth simmering down and adjusting my travel lifestyle either.



The way I see it is that the ONLY way I’d ever be able to commit to a relationship with someone from back home is if he wanted to and could travel just as much as I do or if he was comfortable letting me have my freedom to do so alone.  But come on, do those kind, generous men exist in real life?

On the flip side, the ONLY way I’d ever be able to commit to a relationship with someone in Jamaica is….well let’s just say it’s not possible.  For FAR too many reasons that I could list here.

It’s complicated because when I’m on the island I cannot stay put and sit still.  Why?  Because I’m there to work (aka blog) and that requires me to be on the road.  Not to mention that wanderlust runs through my veins and I LOVE being on the road in Jamaica!  I simply can’t be idle which makes it so that I either have to be content with (and afford) a jobless man in order for him to come on the road with me, or find a man who can afford to merge with a lifestyle such as mine.


Relax, this is a stock photo, not me holding hands with a dude LOL!

silhouette beach couple


At home in Canada I’m a flight risk and on the island I can’t be pinned down.  Yes this is by choice and sometimes I wonder if it’ll all be worth it in the end.   I believe the point of human existence is to connect with one another and have meaningful relationships but isn’t that what I’m doing with you guys?

Sooooo….does life does get lonely as a travel blogger?  The answer is yes and no, depending on the day you ask me.  But without this lifestyle on the go I wouldn’t have experienced half (or ANY) of my hilarious and sometimes creepy, dating stories in Jamaica, which you can read all about RIGHT HERE.


How do your Jamaica travel habits affect your relationship status?  Let us know in the comments below!


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