Could This be the Ultimate Link Up?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never, in 14+ years of traveling to Jamaica, participated in a group trip.  Although I’ve desperately wanted to organize official Jamaica My Way link-ups many times over the eight years this blog has existed, I just don’t have the mental organization in my brain to put it all together.

Having said that, when one of our readers, Radiah Fletcher, (who operates Suite 47 Travel) contacted me about her Taste of Jamaica Winter 2017 trip my wheels started to spin.


suite 47 travel jamaica


She contacted me for business reasons completely unrelated to promoting this group getaway.  In fact, it was ME who offered to promote it for selfish reasons… possibly hijack the trip and see if I could get as many of you as possible to come along so that I can meet you all!

Here’s why:

I’ve been wanting to meet Radiah for years, so after we got our business stuff out of the way I asked her if I could drop in on one of their event nights.  I’ll be in Jamaica while this trip is happening anyway so why wouldn’t I make the effort to meet up?  Of course her answer was YES!  Then I thought that maybe….just maybe….I’ll resort-it-up, treat myself for a few days and actually join the group where they’re staying.

Since this group trip is designed a certain way, I asked a few questions which seem to have become the most popular questions for others as well.  Those include things like different departure cities, solo travelers, and payment plans.  So she has set up a Facebook Event Page for this trip where you can get full details and answers to all those questions.

In short, this group getaway to Jamaica is ALL inclusive.  The price includes travel, accommodation, food, drinks, excursions, VIP party, transportation, etc. 

Sooooo…..having said all of that, I would LOVE to meet as many of you guys as possible so please consider coming!  Radiah asked me to inform you all that if you book it, make sure to tell her you’re a Jamaica My Way fan so she can keep me posted on whether or not I have readers coming.  That will make a big difference whether I show up for one party or for the whole thing.


suite 47 travel jamaica


NOTE:  There is a specific reason the resort is not mentioned but I know which one it is.  It’s on the north coast and rest assured, you won’t be disappointed!


  • chuck says:

    what is the reason the resort is not mentioned

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  • Kristi says:

    Radiah told me it’s because people have shown up last minute, unaccounted for. She just likes to keep it organized for planning purposes. This the 7th annual event so she’s got lots of experience with organizing it.

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  • Kyra says:

    Hi Kristi how’ve you been.
    I will already be here and would like to know if I could a la carte the activities

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  • Kristi says:

    Hey Kyra, you’ll have to contact the travel agent directly. Go to the event page on Facebook and contact Radiah Fletcher:

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