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Flipswaps. What?

My FIRST Travel Product Review!

I’m officially introducing all the ladies to the most packable, fashionable, million-looks-in-one piece of travel gear ever!  I don’t know if Kristen Randolph intended these to be a travel accessory but if not, I just turned them into one.  Why?  Because as soon as I saw them I thought of all you travelin’ divas who pack an entire suitcase full of shoes when you go to Jamaica.  STOP IT!!!

kristen randolph flipswaps

How I Came Across Flipswaps

Back in April I enrolled in a business branding and design course just for my own fun and entertainment.  I learned how to use Photoshop and write sales pages, and all that jazz.  But what I unexpectedly found through this course are hundreds of really cool businesses and the people who run them.  In the course we were all designing random things and critiquing each others websites – and that is when I stumbled upon Kristen Randolph.  And that’s also when the light bulb came on!  I HAD to have this product.  Why did I need Flipswaps?  I don’t know how many times I’ve bragged to you all that I can do a week in Jamaica with just a carry-on piece of luggage, and yea I’m proud of that.  But now I can do a week with carry-on and actually look cute…..not like a hobo.

I contacted Kristen directly and told her what I do and that her product would be a perfect match for my female readers and BAM!   New pair of Flipswaps arrived on my doorstep with the prettiest accessories ever!

kristen randolph flipswaps

Why I Love Flipswaps!

All of you who follow my blog know I don’t have a lot of fashion sense.  Jean shorts and a tank top are my uniform.  I finally found some footwear that can dress up and make ANY outfit cute…..even the simplest of outfits.  With Flipswaps I can bring a single pair of shoes on my Jamaica vacation, yet have a different look every day.  Does it get any sweeter?

Flipswaps have the most creative embellishments you can swap out to match whatever outfit you’re wearing, but you can also wear them as a plain pair of sandals if you’re not going anywhere special.  It’s the best of both worlds – a durable and comfortable flip flop with so much potential!

kristen randolph flipswaps

kristen randolph flipswaps

I received three different looks to try out with my Flipswaps.  Each are so versatile and there is a huge variety on their website.  My feet are a size 8-9 depending on the shoe and the MEDIUM Flipswap fits me perfectly, just to give you an idea of sizing.

The way these shoes work are with extra powerful magnets.  The shoes have a hidden magnet invisibly built into them and each accessory has a magnet on the bottom that sticks like glue to the shoe, when applied.  It’s simple and genius and allows you to change your look multiple times without changing your shoes!  I’ve been wearing mine around for a few days to test the comfort and the durability and I’m completely pleased.

kristen randolph flipswaps


The best part about Kristen Randolph in general is that she’s not just Flipswaps…..she also has an entire Alter Ego line of sexy, stylish heels as well.  And all the accessories fit all the shoes and Flipswaps so you really can’t go wrong, dressy or casual.  Take a peak at her website and I guarantee you’ll find something you’re dying to try!  And you’ll also see why all her products are perfect travel companions.


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  1. Those are cute! I checked out the website, i like the beige ones with the smaller flowers. I’m the same as you. I pack one pair of sandles when I travel (its all i have room for in my suitcase,) so thats actually a neat idea

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  2. They’re super cute! And super practical for the light traveler. I’m really glad I made the discovery and was able to pass it on to you ladies!

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  3. Wouldn’t it be great to change your favorite shoes around? You can with Kristen Randolph’s luxurious shoes with interchangeable accessories.

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  4. where did you take the business branding and design course?

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  5. It was called Brandgasm 101 by Ashley Ambirge.

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  6. Those are soo cute!! I checked out the website and absolutely love the black flipswaps with the pink flowers, the leathers, and the camo flowers, just like yours, Kristi! :D

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  7. They’re pretty awesome huh!

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