Or You Could do Jamaica the TTR Way

FINALLY….a Jamaican tour company after my own heart. A while back I posted in my Facebook fan group that I wish a Jamaican tour company….ANY Jamaican tour company….would WOW me with something different. When you look at the majority of tour websites they all have the same thing: Dunns River Falls, Rick’s Cafe, Appleton Rum tour, etc.  I get it if they want to offer the typical tours but maybe offer it or at least present it in a different way.  A way that entertains me or makes me curious.

touch the road jamaica

But offering something completely DIFFERENT is an automatic eye-catcher.  This is where Touch The Road comes in.  Even their name has a more Jamaican feel than Bob’s Jamaica Tours.   The acronym TTR means more than one thing with this company – Touch the Road, Total Travel Reciprocity and Together Traveling Responsibly.

Imagine your Jamaican vacation making a difference in the community you’re visiting?  This way you create a greater impact by directly touching the lives of the people who LIVE there!  Jamaica isn’t awesome because it’s a chunk of land in the ocean….it’s awesome because of its people and their culture.

TTR is an urban, community based travel service that provides the most authentic vacation to Jamaica by investing in local people, communities and economies in Jamaica. Their travel packages are facilitated 100% locally and designed to unlock opportunities for host communities while providing a truly authentic experience.

touch the road jamaica

The above image pretty much sums it up in a few words that speak volumes and speak nothing of typical tourist activities in Jamaica.  I had the pleasure of chatting with Ashley, the CEO and heart behind the operation and we connected instantly.  I feel she’s a LOT like me – she cares deeply about the direction Jamaica is moving in and is trying hard to do her little piece to help it move.

For those who want more than a regular trip to Jamaica, and want a different vacation story than the other 198 people on their plane ride home, make sure you check out Touch The Road.  If your excuse before was that you didn’t know about them, now you know and you owe it to yourself to get to know the country you’re visiting.


  • steph says:

    This is awesome! just what I was lookin 4. I will be booking my text trip with them! Can’t wait 2 touch d rd in JA!

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  • Theresa says:

    I cannot tell you how fabulous I think this is. I hope they succeed!

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  • Kristi says:

    Thanks for your replies Theresa and Steph! I really hope you do take advantage of using this company. It’s exactly the type of tour company I would start if I wanted to start one. The only way they can succeed is if you/we all give them our support! 🙂

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  • Mills says:

    This is great news. But you should have started your own company! Imagine all the readers you would have to join you on your travels in Jamaica. By the way I love the thought of any vacation I have making a difference in the community

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  • Kristi says:

    Can’t really run my own tour company if I can’t be in Jamaica full time. It just wouldn’t work out. I had thought of it at one time but it’s a lot of work and investment without a guaranteed return. These guys (TTR) seem to have it together so I would rather promote them.

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  • IKush says:

    We thank you all very much for supporting us either by helping to promote our philosophy of Total Travel Reciprocity & responsible. Community travel We are honoured and humbled.

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