Goblin Hill Villa – Port Antonio, Jamaica

Last week I had the opportunity to stay at Goblin Hill Villa in Port Antonio, Jamaica and I have one word – GORGEOUS!  This is my official review of what to expect and what not to expect.  And I’d like to give special thanks to management for accommodating me in such a beautiful place!



Finding Goblin Hill Villa was a breeze.  I drove in from Ocho Rios and once I hit Port Antonio I called the villa for directions.  The lady who answered was very helpful and all I had to do was drive straight through the town, pass San San beach and look for signs on the right side of the road.  The entrance is located directly at the famous Blue Lagoon.  When I arrived at the front desk the staff was expecting me and were more than pleasant, friendly and smiling, and my villa was ready.



The villa was spectacular!  As you all know I’m not used to staying in very high end places so I didn’t know what to expect besides what I’d seen on their website.  But you truly have to see this place in person to appreciate because all the villas have been upgraded from the website photos. I opened the door to a beautiful kitchen, dining room and sunken living room with large sliding doors that open to a full sea view of San San beach and lush green yard. Amazing.  There is also a half bath on the main floor.



I went upstairs to the second level which had two huge bedrooms, each have their own full bathroom.  The front bedroom had a king size bed and the same view as the living room downstairs, the back bedroom had two smaller beds, a full view of a large green space on the property and a partial sea view.  Both rooms had AC and ceiling fans.




I took a walk around the large property to view the full tennis court, the large swimming pool, the sea views and the small bar on site.  As far as I know at this time the bar only offers beverages in a really nice ambient area but there are no snacks or food to speak of.  Management told me that in the future they’re looking at adding a small menu. They’re also building a gift shop in the same area as the bar.



Each villa on the property has it’s own housekeeper/cook who will prepare your meals with groceries you purchase and bring in.  They do have a meal suggestions brochure but anything can be made to order at your request, you just have to provide the food.  The housekeeper will also come in and clean your villa when you require and she’s there to help out with whatever you need.

Goblin Hill villas are not beach front but when you check in you get a complimentary pass to Frenchman’s Cove.  And to access the famous Blue Lagoon all you have to do is walk down the driveway of Goblin Hill and you’re there. They also provide tours of the many attractions in Portland parish, you just arrange your tour at the front desk.



My stay at the villa was more than comfortable, I slept with only the fan one night and the AC the next night. If you have windows on both sides of the unit open a nice breeze flows through.

Here are a few things that are worth mentioning:

*There’s excellent Wifi in the villas, I had no issues with wireless internet access.
*There is cable TV
*If you like to eat out you should be prepared to either have a rental car or get used to the taxi service into Port Antonio because I didn’t notice anywhere in the vicinity to dine.

I really enjoyed my stay at the villa, it was a treat for me to see how the other half live. The rates are higher than I’m used to but I can see why now that I’ve been there. It’s truly beautiful and a little slice of heaven on Jamaica’s east coast.



  • Thank you for this review Kristi. And also thank you for the suggestion you made about the seasoning.
    Here at Goblin Hill, we always appreciate comments and suggestions, good or bad, as they help us improve the service we offer to our guests.
    We are currently working on finding a solution regarding the seasoning as we understand that this would help our guests to feel even more welcomed and even more “at home”.

    Rafael de Campos
    Resident Manager

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  • JC says:

    No problem Raf. It was my pleasure to come stay and experience Goblin Hill. Thanks again!

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  • Angie says:

    Sounds and looks like a beautiful experience! Great review.

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  • The view of the lagoon plus wifi really makes me want to go there.

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  • Dyana says:

    I was lucky enough to be with her and the views were to die for, my back ground pic on my PC is the back yard view! Thanks again Goblin Hill and Raf!

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  • tanya says:

    If I ever make it that way, I will be checking this place out! Thanks for the review with the photos!

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  • Kelly Hanson says:

    how much are these rooms per night?
    looks like a beautiful place to stay

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  • JC says:

    They’re a couple hundred a night I believe. It’s a full condo, not just a room.

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  • Ted Hill says:


    I stayed at Goblin a few months back, and I would say it’s a 3 Star. Scenery was beautiful, and staff was courteous. Rooms were dated, and I feel it was significantly over priced. I likely would not return.


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  • Kristi says:

    Thanks for the comment Ted! I also thought it was a beautiful place to stay, even though my stay was a few years ago so I can’t comment on its current state.
    I think a lot of accommodations in Jamaica (and elsewhere) are overpriced simply because people WILL pay those prices. It’s the nature of travel I guess huh.

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