Jamaica Jewel Guest House – Duncans, Trelawny

I didn’t actually stay as an overnight guest at this guest house but I spent some time there on two separate occasions and the place is just lovely! I can see why it’s called a “jewel” because it really is one of those finds and it deserves a blog post!

My visit to Jamaica Jewel guest house in Duncans, Trelawny was sort of a chance happening because I was supposed to pick up a fellow traveler for a road trip. We both knew the owner Cher through the internet and both of us wanted to visit her and check out her place so we decided to meet and have a morning coffee at Jamaica Jewel before we hit the road. I was driving from Ocho Rios and it was simple to find, taking the first exit into Duncans off the main highway. I loved looking for it because I’ve never been to this town before.

Meeting Cher and her husband Barry (and their cute dogs) was great and she offered me a cup of coffee and a full tour of the property. I have to say this place is gorgeous!! There are two fully equipped apartments for vacation rental here and both have their advantages. One of them has a spectacular ocean view and two bedrooms and the other has an amazing lounging verandah. There was actually a guest in that one and guess what she was doing when I toured? Lounging on the amazing lounging veranda, reading a book. The place is retreat heaven! And check out some of the wicked meals they offer for guests! I was supposed to go back a third time for a pasta date with them but I just couldn’t make it at the time.

My second time meeting Cher was only a few weeks later and I had made it a point to go back so we’d have more time to chat since the first time I was on a road trip. This time we lingered a whole lot longer on her patio and talked about everything! She’s American and lives in Jamaica and it was really nice getting another insider’s point of view on living there since I was in the baby stages of trying it myself.

Through our conversation I found out Cher also makes her own jewellery and sells it and some of the pieces are gorgeous! I’m not crafty at all so I envy people who have talent like this.

My official visitor’s opinion of Jamaica Jewel is excellent! It’s a quiet and relaxing place to hang out with great people – Cher and Barry. Duncans is a cute little town on the north coast right in between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios so you really have the best of both worlds. You’re steps from the beach and not far from all the tourist attractions of both major centers. Cher’s also a fountain of information on unique and local things to do in and around this area, such as Great Houses, local bars, best places to shop and eat, etc.

If you’re interested in planning a vacation and giving Duncans and Jamaica Jewel a try CLICK HERE for more information!

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    What a great place, looks very inviting and relaxing! Hosts sound wonderful as well!!

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