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Jamaica My Way Documentary

This documentary is happening, believe me. I know lots of you have caught wind of it in the past, probably because I’ve been planning it for more than a year. Time to stop planning and convert it to action! You all knew this would be the next logical step for me right?

I’ve slowly been leaking information out into the streets about my intent to film a cultural fun-fest of everything this blog has led up to. It’s been three years, thousands of you are reading, hundreds are commenting, and some just watch. The information leak led to some interest from people on the other end wishing to participate in some way and I now have a couple choices for videographers since there’s more than one who are interested.

What is it about?

If you know my blog you’d know what it’ll be about! I’ll be in the trenches full time with a video crew behind me, doing what I do. My aim is to capture everything you’ll never see a single foreign female do in Jamaica which could include, but will not be limited to craziness.  I intend to dig out locals where you didn’t know you could find them, really “get” people’s stories, pick up some odd jobs, learn how to do things I don’t know how to do, possibly be ridiculed in the process, maybe perform something somewhere, volunteer, and have pure fun while hopefully educating a few.  And I definitely intend the spotlight to be on Jamaica the entire time!

Why am I doing this?

I’ve been asking myself this question for three years. As I’ve said before, if I could copyright the phrase “travel to Jamaica” you all KNOW I would! That’s simply the reason, I love the country, the people and the vibes and I want everyone to love it for what it is too. Maybe I’m mentally insane redirecting everything my life used to be for this but it’s what I want to do. I also believe in the awesome power of media and how it can transform lives. You just never know what will be uncovered or discovered – we saw proof of that with Delroy. You’ve seen proof of that with Clifton Brown.

When is this happening?

As soon as humanly possible. I’m fundraising right now – a film cannot be shot on desire alone – and once my goal is reached then it’s on! My fundraising page went online September 27 and it’s slow going but I know it can be done because I have proof! Someone I recently corresponded with did a similar thing (different country) and her goal was $5000 in 45 days. She has amazing fans and blew that $5000 wide open when she hit nearly $7000 by the deadline! Spectacular! I say we put those fans to shame! A girl can dream. CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE!

How am I fundraising?

In case you haven’t seen the links I’ve posted on Twitter and Facebook, or the barcode in my profile images, or right here on the blog in the right sidebar (up top), I will post it for you again in this post. I will also ask you to pass this on, share it, spam it, or just plain old pitch in yourselves. You know it’ll be worth it and you know I’ll follow through – I think three years previous stick-to-it-ivness is proof! CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE!

What’s in it for me?

Nothing except following my passion! The only ones who stand to benefit from it are Jamaica and YOU! Oh, and my little charity of choice. I can’t shamelessly ask for money and not give back, you all know that already. I will pledge a portion of funds raised to an organization that I’m passionate about in Jamaica and will make sure you’re all aware of it when it happens. CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE!

You guys know I adore my fans and try to everything I can do bring it to you! Let’s get this started!

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  1. I feel you JC!,BEEN ON THE JAMAICA VIBE SINCE 1983 WHEN MY PARENTS STARTED GOING AND STARTED TAKING ME,i told them in 2008 while playing locally in a reggae band with singers from jamaica,thanks for taking me to jamaica,it gives you new perspective and a unique outlook on life,one love

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  2. wha gwan!,mi jus bus a lyrical verse, and not even trying?,100,di ting deh in the bold lettering,cho !

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  3. Loving your posts and can’t wait to see this happen for you. Like you I LOVE Jamaica and tell anyone and everyone that will listen how amazing I find the country and it’s people. Travel there as often as I can for as long as I can!! Been reading with interest your move and trials and of course hoping one day myself to do the same! Please keep writing, please keep sharing. Thanks!!

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  4. Thanks a lot Tina! I hope it happens too! Fundraising is difficult at best, for the most part it sucks. I just want to see contributions skyrocket so I don’t disappoint everyone!

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  5. Kristi! Sounds like a wonderful project. We will spread the word and hope your travels carry you up into the Blue Mountains!

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  6. You KNOW the mountains has to be a part of this project and you guys are my #1 place to stay up there. I have no doubts you’ll be able to point me in the direction of some fun locals in your hood! Yes please spread the word because if the funds don’t get raised nothing will happen!

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  7. Just made my contribution. Can’t wait to see more. :)

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  8. Jamie you’re AWESOME!! Waking up to little things like this totally make my day!

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  9. i SO will be contributing…i think im more excited for you than whats in it for myself!!! you are such an inspiration

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  10. That’s so awesome to hear Melody, thanks so much for the support.

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  11. just watch the little vid you made and posted on utube about this….excellent, so can’t imagine what you will do with a little more time and a little more money….will be trying to contribute in the next few weeks…your awesome! your love for JA and the people come through strong and clear!

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  12. Awwwwwwwwwwwww thanks Tina!! I really appreciate the support and awesome words from you! As I’ve said all over the internet LOL….I’m SO excited to get busy on this project!

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  13. I wish you the very best, since going to jamaica a few times myself and not stayin in a resort but staying right in the middle of spanishtown with my husband and family and feeling the loving and lively vibes from everybody and everything in jamaica, well I have been thinking about fundraising myself for a few projects I have come up with to help local communities from books for the kids to hopefully one day a community centre that has creche facilities etc including a playpark . There is so much that can be done and I know will always be appreciated.

    Well good luck and jah guide
    One Love sista

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  14. Thanks Jennie! I will do my best! If you could pass this on that would be great because I really need to raise the funds to get this project off the ground. Thanks!

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  15. Great project, real Jamaica u a talk bout, luv it!!! We hope your travels carry you up to Kentucky/Westmoreland… we even know how difficult it is to sit & wait to mek our dreams & visions come true…so hold tight & stay focus until time!

    here a link to our project, country mi seh!

    w w

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  16. Thank you for your comments KYC. I will definitely come your way.

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  17. Hope you hit your target, try if you have access to a US bank account, or indie-go-go both crowd funding websites for film projects.

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  18. Thank you for your comments Ruffa. As said, i cant’ use Kickstarter. I may have to get creative for this fundraising though. It won’t matter what platform is used if people just don’t want to help. I have a Facebook group of over 2000 people and only 13 of them have contributed in the last couple months. I might have to go corporate and look for sponsorship. People just don’t want to part with money even for great causes.

    PS: Maybe you could contribute! Or at the very least, help spread the word. Thanks.

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  19. Love your site! I too will some day make the move. It is now my life goal. I will be back to check out you site again .Love the documentary idea. RESPEC!

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  20. Jason wanna make a contribution to it!

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