Jah Cure in Negril, Jamaica

The plan to go catch Jah Cure in concert hatched when one of my blog readers sent me a message on Facebook about his show in Negril on January 27.  She’s from the USA and she told me that she was flying down for the sole purpose of going to this show.  The universe was on our side because I had also planned to be in Negril that day for two business meetings for Jamrock In A Box.  So she told me to pack an overnight bag and come crash with her at Rondell Village for the night and we’d go to the show together.  Perfect!

After my meetings I rolled up at her hotel and called her from the lobby.  It’s funny, no matter how many of my blog readers I meet for the first time it always turns out the same way….it feels like we already know each other and it’s never weird.  She and the friend who came to Jamaica with her were very cool to meet and hang out with.  They were so excited for this show….Jah Cure was on their bucket list so this was it for them!

Their hotel was near enough to the show that we could actually walk up the beach which was so convenient!  I didn’t have to monitor my liquor consumption and drive home later lol.  So we walked up the beach and went through the gates at Roots Bamboo where we magically got a table in the sand about 30 feet from the stage.  I guess that’s the bonus of a small, intimate venue.  Now I was REALLY excited that we’d be so near to the stage!



Here’s eight minutes of video clips from Jah Cure’s performance which was phenomenal.  I couldn’t believe I was seeing him so near!  Please forgive some of the audio distortion….my cell phone camera is obviously no match for a Jamaican sound system lol.



A few times during the night I went in and out of the show to use the bathroom.  Each time I went out I seemed to run into a dude with long red braids and he reminded me of Elephant Man, so each time I passed him I’d say, “Elephant Man!” and he would laugh at me.  All those encounters happened before Jah Cure actually went on stage and little did I know once he did come on stage that “Elephant Man” was the bass player for Jah Cure LOL!!  You can see him in the video.

During one of my bathroom visits I was also asked by a vendor who had a stall set up selling snacks, cigarettes and gum, to stand watch over his stall while he went to the bathroom.  I gladly obliged and I tried my hardest to sell his goods while he stepped away.  I harassed every single person who walked past to buy cigarettes telling them that Jah Cure touched them all and they were full of his DNA bahahhaa!  How can you tell I don’t get out much and drink these days?


vendor at roots bamboo jamaica


In the process of being a Jamaican vendor a lady walking by the stall stopped and asked me if I’m the Jamaica My Way woman!  It’s such a small island!

Anyway, there you have it.  My story of seeing Jah Cure live – something I’ve wanted to do for years and thanks to Kim (my blog reader turned friend) and Roots Bamboo I was able to see him without the giant crowds of a major show.  I love Jamaica.


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