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New Floating Bar in Jamaica

Everyone knows about Pelican Bar near Black River in St Elizabeth.  But now there’s a new bar that floats and deserves some attention!  Why?  Because  which ever one of us gets there first will be the FIRST tourists who have seen it.  And because it’s a genius idea!

I got a text message yesterday from my friend Shelley, the same guy who gave me the coolest motorbike tour of the south coast in January.  It seems one of his friends opened up the most awesome bar that floats on water!   The photo quality isn’t great because they were sent via text message with whatever phone he was using but is this not the cutest thing??

jamaican bar in the water

Shelley had told me his friend was building this place months ago and then I never heard back from him until yesterday.  The bar is complete and fully operational now and I NEED to get there and see it!  It is located in Hilltop, St Elizabeth which is only about 10 minutes drive into the middle of nowhere countryside from Black River.  It’s very near where I took this picture of the prettiest, calmest lake down there, seen below.


My first thoughts when I received the photo from Shelley was, “WHY are those electrical cords just floating in the water?”  But when he called me back to see what I think of the place he told me those are actually ropes that tether the bar to the shore….and the bar can float out into the lake.  They get power into the bar with a generator so they have electricity to play music, keep the fridge running, etc.    And under the blue tarp at the bottom are empty oil drums so the bar can float.  Genius.  Of all the crazy business ideas I’ve seen in Jamaica this is the one I love the most!  It will be my FIRST stop on my next trip down to the island.

Here’s a second pic they sent me of the owner inside the bar.  Again, not the best quality photo but at least you can see what it looks like.  Anyone want to come with me?  I’d rather go to a bar like this than a tourist bar ANY day!!  If you’re down in Black River and want to stop by it, let me know and I’ll give you Shelley’s number so he can tell you how to get there.

water bar 2

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  1. LOVE it!!!!

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  2. That’s my uncles place

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  3. So you must know Shelley then, Annafay? He’s the one who sent me the pictures. :-)

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  4. Adding this to my list of places to check out the next time I’m back in Jamaica (hopefully next summer)! I’ll reach out to you before I go for the contact details. I just saw your response to my comment on Inside Journeys by the way, and I was “javesgirl” on ETJ – lol! There’s still an ETJ group on Facebook!

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  5. Haha Dana, that’s you? Nice to see you again. And yea I knew there was a Facebook group for ETJ but I haven’t joined it.

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  6. awesome-thanks for sharing!

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  7. Looks neat just when I go to Jamaica where it is located is not someplace I go to. If I am ever in that neighborhood tho will pop in

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  8. It’s not located where any foreigners would go. That’s the best part and why I love it.

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