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When people hear the word Jamaica, most of them immediately think about its amazing music. No one can blame them, since Jamaican music is very distinct and caters to a wide variety of listeners thanks to its many genres including Mento, Ska, Dub Music, Dance Hall, and Reggae. Apart from music, Jamaica also has a very distinctive language and fashion that fans of Reggae music proudly wear.

While the Jamaican culture is widely accepted around the world, its gaming industry is yet to be discovered. No one thinks about Jamaica when it comes to casinos but that may soon change with the existence of one world-class gaming establishment in the country: The Treasure Hunt Gaming Lounge.

treasure hunt casino kingston

The Treasure Hunt Gaming Lounge is something that Jamaica can proudly present to the world. Like the country’s music, fashion, and language, the casino is very distinct in the sense that it provides guests with entertainment and ambiance that can only be experienced in the motherland. The casino is open 24/7, and promises its guests a no gimmick policy with its transparent services. Its practices, rules, and bonus terms can all be reviewed by guests in the spirit of fairness and respect.

Like other world-class casinos, Treasure Hunt Gaming Lounge has a variety of table games and slot machines. The slot machines are all brand new, unlike other newly-opened casinos that offer second-hand machines previously used in Las Vegas. One look at the casino’s website and guests will see that the machines are all updated, carrying with them the latest titles of gaming providers.

Apart from carrying the latest in gaming titles, slot machines in Treasure Hunt Gaming offers a wide variety of games that can only be found in online gaming. Betfair, the world’s largest Internet betting exchange, is one of the biggest carriers of slots that offer not only traditional slot game play but also arcade-like machines to accommodate the wants of young adults. Treasure Hunt Gaming follows this pattern in order to cater to the preferences of each guest that go through its doors.

Treasure Hunt Gaming has one of the highest payout rates in Jamaica. If you want to have a relaxing gaming experience without getting ripped off, Treasure Hunt Gaming is one of the places to see in the country.

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  • C says:

    A guest contribution from the gaming lounge…should really be titled a promotional article. Great site.

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  • Kristi says:

    Yes, in addition to my personal travel stories there are a lot of promotional articles on this blog. A blog can’t be in existence for 8+ years without tons of businesses asking for promotion but I hand pick and choose which ones I will promote. As for the Treasure Hunt casinos I’ve visited two of them in different places on the island (Ochi and Mobay) and have won decent sized jackpots at both lol.

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