Dancehall Lovers Unite!

THIS is the group trip for those of you who spend hours behind a closed door watching Youtube and wondering, “How do they move like that?” and wishing you could do the same. Here is your chance to have your own LIVE-IN dance teacher for a week in the place where it all happens…..JAMAICA! And when you get home? People will be watching YOU on Youtube!

raediant movement

Jamaica My Way has partnered with Raediant Movement and put together an explosive week of dance instruction, excursions and entertainment packed into the funkiest 7 days you’ll ever spend on an island. We haven’t left anything out….including a potential flashmob in the street.

Group Trip Details

When: April 14 – 21, 2014

Where: Runaway Bay, Jamaica (with excursions all over the north coast)

What’s Included?

* Accommodation in a swanky palace overlooking the ocean.

* ALL transportation – Airport transfers, excursions, beach days, outings, etc.

* Food – Breakfast and dinner daily, prepared by a personal chef (because we’re that important!)   Lunch will be “on the road” at your own expense.

* Admissions – Any excursions where an admission cost applies (excluding night clubs).

* Dance class every day taught by Erica Rae of Raediant Movement – classes to be held on the beach or at the villa (weather depending).


jamaica villa

The actual villa we will use


What Does This Trip Look Like?


It’s not for lazy people.

It’s for movers and shakers who really want to learn the style behind Jamaican dance.

It’s for people who love the exhileration of dance.  And cool hidden waterfalls in the tropics.  And zip lining and water slides.  And possibly performing at random times without notice.

The itinerary for this Jamaica group dance trip is packed full of coolness but not so packed that there’s no time to relax.  Following is a glimpse:

– Arrival and farewell dinners with the group at the villa.

– Daily dancehall with Raediant.

– Blue Hole waterfalls.

– Rafting and tubing.

– Mystic Mountain (super exhilerating!)

– Flavors Beach (dancing and lounging)

– Local bar nights, and Sunday night outdoor beach party at Priory.

– Karaoke at Oceans 11.

– House party at the villa with dance and karaoke.

– Spa day (not included in cost)

– Day in town (Ocho Rios) for shopping, sightseeing and yes….eating.

– Fishermans beach, James Bond beach and any other beach…optional if we have time to kill.

But Here’s What the Trip REALLY Looks Like



Photo courtesy of

Courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Courtesy of



What Does the Dance Portion Look Like?


raediant movementFirst of all, Erica is gorgeous so I know you all wanted to know what she looks like. Dance is her life and she’s professionally trained and schooled in many different styles but Dancehall seems to be her most popular with the masses! She teaches plenty of classes in her home area of the USA and now we’re taking her back to the Rock. This is the first of MANY of these trips to come in the future so you’re getting in on THE FIRST.

class 2

class 3

But don’t worry, she will start at the beginning if you need her to!

The Nitty Gritty

Deposit for this trip is $300.00 USD and is due no later than September 27, 2013.  Deposit amount is applied to your full trip cost.

Full cost for this trip is $1300.00 USD and is due in full no later than February 14, 2014.  After paying the deposit, your balance owing will be $1000.00 USD which can be paid in installments if that’s easier for you.

Flights are NOT included in this price.  You are responsible for purchasing your own flights.

**  Deposits are non-refundable.

**  Cancellations:  Any monies paid towards your trip are 50% refundable (excluding deposit) up until February 14, 2014.  Cancellations between February 14 – March 14,  2014 are subject to a 25% refund (excluding deposit).  For cancellations after March 14, 2014 there will be no refund given, in fairness to the other travelers.

**NO alcohol is included in your trip cost but you are welcome to purchase your own and enjoy responsibly.

**Travelers are responsible for their own travel insurance and responsible behavior, and may not hold Jamaica My Way liable for inclement weather, acts of God, or your own risky behavior.



Singles supplemental cost is $550 for accommodation, unless you are open to sharing a room with another single.



  • Andrea says:

    This is great news. What can I do from Germany for this adventure?

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  • Kristi says:

    You can fly to Jamaica and join us!! If you’re interested and need to talk about how to get there, email me at
    Would love to see you there!!

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  • Andrea says:

    LOL, sure I must…and I will


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  • whyte chocolate says:

    I’m interested in this trip! I’m really into the dancehall/jamaican scene. I’m a white boi but I can dance me rass off lol. A lot of ppl think I’m mixed cuz I talk just like a rasta. Is there a way to switch the dates to July? I have never been to jamaica and this trip seems perfect for me. I can’t wait to wine up me waist pon d dancefloor. Big up yu selves at jamaica my way doin da damn thang. Dem can’t stop we. Ya man big up cho.

    Brandon aka b-dawg aka bredda b aka whyte chocolate

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  • Kristi says:

    LOL sorry I can’t change the dates but if this first trip goes well there will be more to come. Thanks for reading and thanks for your interest!!

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  • sasha donelli says:

    Will there be any meet n greets with with any cool rastas? I am looking 4 some Rasta’s to get to know. Will the airport transfers be included?

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  • Kristi says:

    If you read the full details you would see that yes, airport transfers and ALL transportation is included.
    And I can’t guarantee you’ll meet any rastas lol.

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  • ZeeBee 221 says:

    Hello! I would like to join this group. What kind of dances will they be teaching? I would like to see some more videos before I join. Please and Thanks!

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  • Kristi says:

    Hi ZeeBee, here is a link to Erica’s Youtube channel to see more videos of her dancing.
    Also, this trip will be focused on Jamaican dancehall fusion dancing. If you’re interested in joining us after you watch more videos please email me directly at to make your trip deposit. Thanks!!

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  • Kim says:

    Will they be teaching the dirty wine?

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  • Kristi says:

    LOL not likely Kim but you can learn it in 10 seconds on Youtube. We’ll be learning some of the more artistic pieces of Jamaican dance.

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  • Raediant says:

    Hey Kim ! If you would like to learn DuttyWine I have no problem teaching you its the whole point of me being there. I focus on dances OLD & NEW with a little twist of my own Raediant Flava!

    Hope to see you on the trip in APRIL!!!

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  • Ang says:

    The price is too high….I can stay in an all inclusive for less than that!

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  • Kristi says:

    Yes but all you do in an all-inclusive is lay around, drink and eat. If you read it, it says this trip isn’t for the lazy. It’s for movers, shakers and adventurers. People who want to learn part of a culture. Big difference.

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