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Sleeping Police in Jamaica

Way back in May 2003 on my second trip to Jamaica I saw the strangest sign I’d ever read. It said “Caution – Sleeping Policeman Ahead”. The ironic part is that I was driving in a car with a Jamaican police man so of course I blurted out “why the hell is there a sign warning of a sleeping police man ahead???”

Sleeping Policeman sign in Jamaica

Sleeping Policeman sign in Jamaica

Of course he laughed at me and proceeded to explain to me what sleeping police actually are. In Jamaica that’s what they call speed bumps on the road. It still doesn’t make full sense to me but I can see the reasoning behind it.

Fast forward to 7 years later, May 2010 and I just happened to be in a car with a different police officer when I noticed THIS sign! It was SO much funnier seeing it because I was with a cop…even he laughed hysterically because he’d never seen one like this before! There was this sign pointing directly at a speed bump.

Sleeping policeman sign in Montego Bay

Sleeping policeman sign in Montego Bay

Ahhh never a dull moment in Jamaica. :-)

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  1. DWL was soooo not expecting that!!!! have met some sleeping policemen! My word!!! I wonder how they coined that name though … my guess is that they are doing the job of the traffic cops but they don’t move (hence sleeping) *runs of to google it*

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  2. Too funny!!! Cannot believe these are for real. I’m not a policeman, but I want the sleeping sign posted outside my office!!!!

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  3. LOL Expert….yah they make me giggle every time I see one of those signs.

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