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Mahogany Beach – Ocho Rios

I’ve been going through my mind to collect the posts I lost and this one needs to be reposted. I had a lot of response to it and its a beautiful beach! Much nicer than the public beach you’ll find right in Ochi. And ironically, this much better beach is FREE…the public beach right in town is $200 JMD for murky water and muddy sand.

Mahogany Beach, Ocho Rios

Mahogany Beach, Ocho Rios

If you’re staying right in town Mahogany beach is much more of a hike than the public beach but definitely worth it. You could walk from the clock tower in about 15 minutes, or catch a taxi at the clock tower for about $100 JMD….just over $1 USD. The taxi will drop you on the roadside and you’ll have to walk down a bit of a road to get to the beach. When you get down there you’ll see plenty…a bar and restaurant on the right side and a cute little craft vendor with lots of colorful things to buy!

Mahogany beach craft vendor.

Mahogany beach craft vendor.

If you’re lucky you could even buy a Pepsi for a little Jamaican boy LOL. Actually this boy is the little brother of the friend who brought me to the beach. He’s priceless and might even get his own comical post on my blog down the road. I think in this next picture, that’s about the 4th Pepsi I bought him….the first three ended up on the ground LOL.

Jay pepsi

There’s a boat dock at this beach and you’re free to walk out to the end of it anytime and jump in for a swim if you want. There were a couple yachts parked here when I came and the view out onto the water is spectacular! Especially on a sunny day! My friend took a dip. Beyond the building in the distance in this picture, is the public beach.

water at beach

Yachts at Mahogany beach.

Yachts at Mahogany beach.

A major plus to this beach is that its full of locals…I’m not a big fan of beaches packed with tourists. I love to watch the local kids play in the water, and Jamaican families taking some time out to enjoy.

The only downside in MY opinion is the local booze cruises dock here. You can hear those boats coming for miles…thumping bass playing something touristy like “Hot hot hot” and when the boat arrives a bunch of half drunk tourists get off. One came in the day I was there but the tourists didn’t hang around the beach…thank God LOL.

Its definitely worth the small trek to get to this beach from Ochi though. Loved it. And the funniest thing is when I saw it in the daytime I realized I’ve actually been to this beach for night swims a couple times, I just didn’t pay attention to where we were driving in the dark.

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  1. I am trying to find out if you can make reservations for the jetskis at Mahogany Beach. Can you tell me who to contact?

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  2. Hi Lisa, I’m not sure of jet skis at Mahogany beach. I’ve never seen them there. I know of ones you can rent at Fishermans beach and I’m sure they’d bring them over to Mahogany but I don’t know any phone numbers for anyone. My apologies.

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  3. anyone have any contacts to any of these vendors in these areas you can give e am interested in some of these art works and wooded sculptures and like to know the seller or so . please respond let me know

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  4. babysham i sent u n email

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  5. I need a contact for this beach for a wedding

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  6. Sorry I don’t have any contact information for them.

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  7. A friend of mine wants to get married at JAMES BOND BEACH, and I thought your guys had a package for this type of request.
    Is it still available?
    They want to come for about 7-10 days in November. It is his second wedding, so nothing elaborate, just a Justice of the Peace and maybe some flowers. If they do not have accommodations, then I can link them up to a private villa in Boscabel for $50.00 a night. It too is right on the beach, but does not have the same ambiance.
    Looking for rates or a link I can send them on Facebook if you have it.
    If not, then thanks anyway.
    Also, I have used Dr. Bell for my airport transfer and he can is the best.

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  8. I don’t know who to contact about James Bond beach. I’m just a blogger lol.

    Great that you’ve met Dr Bell! :-)

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  9. HI Kristen, I am a wedding Planner in Jamaica send me an email at you can view my website here.

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