What’s the Best Time to Plan Road Trips in Jamaica?

What’s the best time to plan road trips in Jamaica?  If that question has ever been on your mind this video should answer it for you.  NOT during rainy season!

Through fourteen years of road tripping I’ve never planned so poorly but then again, I really had no choice!  In my defense, none of the drives in the following video were for leisure purposes – all of them had a mission attached and had to be done, whether for work or for moving to a new apartment.

Near the end you’ll see the Portland section of the video.  I remember when I announced on our Facebook page that I was heading to Portland and some of you requested that I take plenty of pictures along the way.  Well…..I’m sorry that Mother Nature had other plans.  However, I did capture some pretty amazing pictures and video on other days in and around Portland which you can see in this blog post.

In the meantime, here is two weeks worth of rainy road trips.  The last video clip humorously shows how smart it is to have a survival kit on hand in your car during rainy season.

NOTE:  These videos were shot during the two weeks before some of the worst flooding Jamaica has ever seen so I’ve counted my blessings and my thoughts are with those who severely suffered during the floods and the aftermath.




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