Winter in Jamaica – Time Lapse Series

Ever since I downloaded Lapse It, a time lapse app for smart phones, I’ve become obsessed with capturing sunrises and sunsets.  First of all, who can ever get tired of watching the sun come up and go down in Jamaica?  Second of all, it gives me the inspiration to wake early in the mornings, go to the beach in the evenings, or find rooftops to hang out on at dusk.  In fact, here’s one of those rooftops and my camera setup for that particular evening.


sunset in jamaica


Over the winter I know you guys have seen the many still shots of sunsets and sunrises I’ve posted on our Facebook fan page.  This video series below is a culmination of most of the videos those photos came from.  Even though the video is only a few minutes long I want you to know the hours and hours of sit-around time it takes to create these (thank goodness for my faithful sidekick, RUM).  To get a good time lapse you really need to film for one or two hours to get a finished product that’s less than a minute long.

For sunrises, I often wake up, go outside to set up my camera and then go back to bed.  When I wake up again, VOILA….I have a wonderful video!  For sunsets, I have no problem sitting on the beach all evening watching the million stages of each one.

I’ve come to the conclusion that clouds….yes CLOUDS….are the magic ingredient to a great sunrise or set.  Without them, a time lapse simply doesn’t work out very well.  The clouds are what creates fast motion artwork in the sky.


So without further delay, here is my winter in fast forward:


Sunrise locations:  Middle Quarters, St. Elizabeth
Sunset locations:  Parottee Beach, St. Elizabeth
Esher, Hanover (the last clip)

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