Vaping in Jamaica

So a few months ago I quit smoking cigarettes (YAAY me!).  To replace the habit and to help with quitting I started using a vape.  This worked very well for me in Canada but I was dreading getting back to Jamaica and resisting the urge to smoke there.  Smoking is part of my being in Jamaica since I drink more liquor and have more idle time so the ultimate challenge was to find out if I could indeed NOT smoke a cigarette.  So I brought my vape with me and enough double chocolate flavored vapor juice to make sure I could suck on that thing like it was going out of style.

Here’s the funny thing:  Unless you’re in a very tourist populated area not many Jamaicans have seen a vape nor do they know what it is.  Especially where I hang out in St Elizabeth.  Like NO ONE there had any clue what I was smoking when I was out at street dances and bars.  And with my particular vape it’s hard to hide because it lights up in blue when I push the button so in the dark it is very noticeable!  I pretty much had an audience or at the very least, I had a few side-eye looks when I’d pull it out and use it.

The next funniest thing is Kemar.  He’s my comedian friend and business partner with Blessings Guest House.  Kemar doesn’t even smoke anything yet he is  fascinated by my vape and he feels the need to use it for entertainment purposes, as you’ll see in the video below.

Probably the coolest moment we had with my vape was the night of my birthday.  After bar hopping we headed back to the house to have birthday cheesecake and pop some champagne.  It was while we were tipsy and drinking the champagne that one of us (I can’t remember which one) decided to blow some of the vapor into a wine glass.  What we discovered was actually pretty awesome, as you’ll see in the video.   We had officially turned vaping into a game / talent / party favor LOL!

Anyway, watch the ridiculous video and have a good laugh on us!



As a footnote to this blog post, if you DO use a vape and you bring it to Jamaica bring PLENTY of vape juice to last your entire vacation because you can’t find the juice in Jamaica.  In August I spent three days of my life driving / walking my Canadian friend’s son around looking for it.  He had brought his vape to Jamaica and needed juice and let me tell you…..those were three days of my life I’ll never get back!

NOTE:  The ONLY place that sells vape juice in Jamaica is Fontana’s pharmacy in Montego Bay (at the time of writing this).

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