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goat curry tvI think I’ve been following Goat Curry TV since the woman behind it started up on Instagram last year.  I was eager to find out what her project in Jamaica was all about.  She grew up in England but had a desire to trace her cultural roots back to Jamaica and learn more about her heritage.  I won’t go into too much detail because you can learn about her “why” on her website.

Today I ran across one of her many videos on Instagram and after watching it I sat back in my chair and thought to myself, WOW.  Not only are the ideas in this man’s head brilliant, but he realizes the importance of passing them down to another generation in order to preserve them.  This is not only about  making beautiful pieces of art to sell as a business, it’s about recycling and re-purposing.  It’s about each-one-teach-one.  It’s about truly passing on your gifts and talents and creating a legacy.


First, check the video below.

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What I love the most about St John is that he WANTS to share this with a younger generation and pay it forward.  He’s using this video as an outlet for that instead of just to create more business and money for himself.  I also love that he’s doing his little part for the environment to keep Jamaica beautiful.

Goat Curry TV has plenty of inspiring videos uncovering the true roots of the people of Jamaica.  The things she covers in her videos are the reasons I never tire of Jamaica and I love finding others who understand that it’s not just about the beaches and the parties, it’s about a culture and a unique people!

Much respect to you Ania.  Keep up your amazing work because I’m a fan!



  • Pierre says:

    I have been experimenting with some recycling so this video really interests me. The tragedy of Jamaica is that people in high places don’t listen to people like him who could take this idea places and solve some of the problems confronting our young people.

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  • Kristi says:

    Pierre, although higher ups could take this idea somewhere maybe all it would take is regular people with enough drive and ambition to do it. I think the recycling part of this is brilliant and if it’s something you’re also into you should run with it! Mentor some youth with it. Give them a purpose!

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