Curry Chicken, Breadfruit and Natural Soup

You just know it’s going to be a good day when you drive into your yard and see a Rasta sitting under a tree waiting for you!  I swear I’m so spoiled in Jamaica with the group of people I know.  They show up unannounced and ready to cook and the anticipation kills me over what creations they’ll come up with.

On this particular day when I drove up I saw them sitting under the tree in the back of the yard waiting for my arrival.  I didn’t even go in the house before the dinner event began with breadfruit from trees in our yard.  In fact the only reason I went into the house was to mix myself a cold beverage to enjoy by the fire they’d be roasting the breadfruit on.


roast breadfruit


Once these breadfruit were good and roasted we moved the cooking party into the kitchen.

So as I sat in the kitchen still sipping on my rum and Pepsi there was a whole heap of goodness being whipped up in front of me.  Pretty much every ingredient came from the yard here and the man cooking it is a friend of mine named Jah Green.  Mr. Green is a highly rated Rasta chef in the area who is hired to cook for many events such as weddings, parties, wakes, and pretty much any event.  He has also appeared on the TV show called Nyammings for his kitchen sorcery.  Mr. Green’s co-pilot in the kitchen this day was another good friend of mine who is hired to cook in other guest houses in the area.   They both just happen to be personal friends of mine so lucky me!

Any dinner that starts with a table full of ingredients like this is going to be epic!


fresh jamaican food


On the menu today was a starter of some natural soup FULL of fresh veg such as scallion, yam, coco, banana, dumpling, and a bunch of chunky bites to fill my belly.  It was a fully vegetarian dish.


jamaican kitchen cooking


pot of jamaican soup


jamaican natural soup


The main course was to be that roasted breadfruit above, fried up to perfection and served up with curry chicken.  What amazes me about Mr. Green is that he’s a vegetarian but cooks up some of the BEST meat dishes I’ve ever eaten.  He doesn’t even taste the pot while he’s cooking, yet it comes out perfectly every single time.  That is such a gift!


jah green cooking


curry chicken


fried breadfruit


This entire cooking experience took about two hours and all the while it filled this giant house with heavenly smells from the kitchen.  It’s a good thing the soup was the appetizer because it was hard for my hungry belly to wait for the awesomeness of it all!

In the end the finished product looked like this and the taste was to die for!  They even threw some ripe plantain in the curry chicken and the flavor was so sweet and tangy.  It’s never a disappointment when these two are in the kitchen!


curry chicken dinner



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