Milkshakes & Marinas – Port Antonio

Jamaica amazes me sometimes.  It allows me to turn a mere two days into roughly nine blog posts.  Like how can there be so much to see and do that is worth writing about on one little island?  Anyway, this post is combining TWO different events mostly because they both happened in a row on the same day.  The Portland Marina and a delectable milkshake….but not the kind that brings all the boys to the yard.  It was more like the kind that will bring me back to the milkshake shop.

During my last jaunt to Port Antonio I was out with my Butler friend again lol…..or still.  We packed a lot into my two days in Portland, enough to make me need to go back and stay at least a week in the area.  On this particular morning I was going to be leaving Port Antonio back to Lucea on the other side of the island so Butler thought I should at least see the Portland Marina before leaving.  I’ve visited the Marina once before, way back in 2009, and wrote about it in this post.  There isn’t much to do here except take in the beauty of the surrounding area.  Although my butler told me that the next time I come out this way he can definitely arrange a yacht ride for me.  Yes please.


portland marina jamaica


The marina is near the center of town and it’s a stunning place to just take pictures and stroll around doing nothing.  These next two photos are two of my most liked photos on my Instagram feed for some reason.  Probably because everything in Portland is beautiful.


canon at portland marina


yacht at portland marina


But the REAL treat of this morning came after the marina.  We walked into the town nearby and hit a little strip mall where the coolest milkshake shop exists!  I don’t think I’ve ever had a milkshake in Jamaica in fourteen years.  Possibly because I’ve never come across a shop that makes custom ones like this place.

Crazy Shake is located inside a little plaza in Port Antonio and makes up whatever kind of milkshake your heart desires!  It was like standing in a Dairy Queen back home but much smaller and more fun because….well….it’s in Jamaica.  And because they have bins of gummy worms, candies, and chocolates.  Below are the chocolate selections for your custom milkshakes and the candy bins that you can buy bulk treats from.


crazy shake port antonio jamaica


crazy shake port antonio


It would be cliche of me to say that I acted like a kid in a candy shop but…..I did.  So did Butler lol.  We bagged up a ton of goodies in addition to my chocolate peanut butter milkshake that I ordered.  What a friggin great idea on a hot Jamaican day!  Why have I never seen a milkshake shop anywhere else?


crazy shake port antonio


crazy shake port antonio


Seriously, if you’re ever wandering around Port Antonio or the marina make sure you ask someone where this place is.  You won’t regret it!  Where else can you get Jelly Bellies in Jamaica??!


crazy shake port antonio

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