Noni Juice in Jamaica

If You’ve Never Heard of Noni….

It’s a peculiar looking fruit that grows in Jamaica that seems to cure a whole heap of ailments.  Jamaica is great for this – if you have a health  problem someone most definitely has a natural remedy for it.  Noni has a long list of ways it can improve your health.  I won’t go into detail because there are several websites where you can get this information, such as Noni Fruit Benefits.   I will tell you that I’ve tasted Noni juice and it was horrible BUT as Devon assures us in the video below, HIS Noni tastes great.  I disagreed but it’s just like Buckley’s – it tastes awful but I suppose it works!

noni fruit jamaica

On one of my recent visits to Hellshire Beach in Portmore I ran into Mr. Devon Anderson – but not by accident.  I’ve heard about Devon before from my friend Emily who is also a frequent visitor to Jamaica (see her interview here).  She’s been telling me for a year that I just HAVE to meet her friend who is a natural herbalist at Hellshire Beach.  So when I knew I would be there I texted Emily back in Canada and told her to text Devon and tell him to walk up the beach until he saw me.  The magic of technology and how people meet!  Soon enough Devon walked up on us and said hello.  I snapped the following picture on my Blackberry and texted it to Emily just to say HI!

jamaican rasta

Enjoy the video below!


  • Vera says:

    A friend of mine lives outside of Ochi and drinks the Morinda juice for diabetes….swears by it…he’s always telling me to look it up to read about the health benefits of the drink!
    I’ll have to try in on my next visit!

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  • Kristi says:

    I’ve never given it an honest try because I really can’t stand the taste. I think because it’s very tart. I wonder if there’s a way to sweeten it up without having to add loads of sugar??

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  • Emily says:

    LOVE! He is such a cool person, so glad you met him, it has only been about two years I have been telling you about him LOL. He is right about his Noni juice, it doesn’t actually taste like ass! I am telling you these juices work wonders for the mind, body and soul. I even drank one called Long Dong Stretch, lets just say if I was a guy it would of been really fun lol. Love you, your website always makes me smile and think of home:)

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  • Kristi says:

    LMAOOOO I’m not even gonna ask why YOU drank Long Dong Stretch! We’ll have to get down to Hellshire together one of these days Em. In the meantime it will be a miracle if we just go for coffee soon!!

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  • really enjoyed the video and article,thanks for sharing!

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  • Darren Anderson says:

    Does any 1 have a phone number for mr Devon Anderson the roots man at hellshire beach in Jamaica I would like to contact him as I will be In jamaica soon.

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  • Kristi says:

    Darren I don’t have a number but you’ll find him if you just go there. He’s always up and down the beach.

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