Driving the Coastline in Portland, Jamaica

A couple of months ago I told you guys I was heading to Portland, Jamaica for a few days and many of you requested that I stop and take plenty of pictures on the way.  So I decided to one-up you and take video all along the way.  I love bringing my readers along on my journeys….it makes the drives feel less lonely if I know I’m capturing what you guys want to see.  And I KNOW we’ve got some hardcore Portland fanatics among us!

The day I made this drive was very bleak and cloudy but the mega-storm brewing off the coast in the distance looks super cool (and very ominous).  You can see the results of that mega-storm in this blog post.  After the day of the storm the weather broke and was beautiful for the remainder of my stay in Port Antonio so there are some gorgeous clips in the video below as well.

Please enjoy my little video journey along the Portland coastline!  Having explored all four corners of Jamaica, in my opinion this parish has the most stunning coastline in the entire country!



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