Glistening Waters – Falmouth, Jamaica

Glistening Waters, also known as Luminous Lagoon, in Falmouth is probably one of the coolest natural wonders I’ve ever seen and was well worth the time and $20. A dear friend of mine told me about it years ago and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go, just never did until trip #8. The ONLY downside to this attraction is it’s not easy to film or photograph….I tried.

Glistening Waters is definitely a nighttime attraction and is a nice alternative to clubbing every night in Jamaica LOL. We set out for a 40 minute drive from Ocho Rios and arrived at Falmouth about 8pm for our boat tour. Admission to the place is $20 USD and that includes a free rum punch from the bar….can’t beat that! We sipped our punch while waiting for our boat captain to get the boat ready to go!

Glistening Waters boat

Glistening Waters boat

Our captain was the coolest old rasta dude full of information about why this area of water is the way it is. He was knowledgeable and knew his script well, and also knew how to sing Bob Marley songs to entertain us! It was great!

Boat Driver

Boat Driver

The water is filled with phosphorous which makes it light up a brilliant bright blue when disturbed. When I say light up, I mean it was all around us! The wake of the boat was lit up for several feet behind us, if you dipped your hand, foot or stick in the water it lit up around you, AND the coolest part were the swimming fish. You could see tens of them below the surface moving with bright blue light around them!

Wake of the boat behind us.

Wake of the boat behind us.

Once the boat is far out into the bay and he stops and cuts the engine, he gives the passengers the opportunity to get out the boat and swim if you want. A couple guys on our boat did and it was so neat to watch the movement from their arms and legs cause the light to shine under water. The driver also had a bucket of the water on board for those of us who wanted to play…..I put my hand in the bucket and waved it around, causing the water to light up. When I pulled my hand out little glowing spots were left on my skin for a few seconds. Amazing.

The whole boat ride was about 45 minutes and was SUPER informative….there are some amazing facts about Glistening Waters and Falmouth that I never knew. The tour guide even filled us in on some old Jamaican folklore about the water LOL. He said that people who swim or wash in the water will appear 10 years younger, and for the men….their “wood” would grow 4 inches!! Hahaha!!! No wonder both guys on our boat jumped in.

CLICK HERE to view the Glistening Waters website for more information.


  • Yolanda says:

    This sounds like fun! LOL @ the magically growing wood HAHAHA! This definitely sounds like something I’d like to try next time I go home. Yay!

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  • Theresa says:

    I also loved the Luminous Lagoon…had so much fun with my local friends who are afraid of the water & don’t know how to swim! Took a bit of coaxing but they ended up loving it too. The color in the water is truly beautiful. Tip: go when there’s no moon, much easier to see the glimmering.

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  • Chelsea says:

    The luninous lagoon is truly beautiful, and it’s not only the locals who are scared of that water. I would not swim in it, I have this phobia that there is something lurking in there that will devour me….yeah yeah I know kinda silly, but my belief, also not sticking my hand in either….dwl

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  • JC says:

    I don’t think that’s silly because I have the same thoughts. I’m scared of water after dark.

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  • demar says:

    I have seen the glistening water an I like it I wish to go black

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