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I Met A Sangster

Port Royal Bottles For Sale

Two awesome things happened in one day a few weeks ago.

#1 - I met a REAL Sangster, like from Sangsters Rum Cream.

#2 - I saw and photographed actual bottles that were recovered from historical Port Royal – the part of it that’s under the sea. Like REAL buried (sunken) treasure!

Those two events are tied together and happened by chance. I met Mrs. Sangster (yes, for real) as a result of the job I came to Jamaica to do. She owns a villa and it just so happened that I was sent to her villa to photograph and write about it. After chatting for a while it came out that she is part of the Sangster family, of Sangsters Rum. As soon as I found out I felt honored to be sitting on her veranda and loved how down to earth she is.

During conversation she had asked if I would be interested in photographing these bottles of hers, and she told me where they came from.  If you’ve read my blog at all you’d know I’m a huge Jamaican history buff and to see these bottles was so cool!  I’ve watched a couple fabulous documentaries about Port Royal and it fascinates me so this was a real treat!

Below is a slideshow of the photos I took of these treasures. Mrs. Sangster is looking to let these treasures go to someone who can truly appreciate them more so if you know any history buffs who are interested, please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with her.

In case you’re interested in seeing where these treasures came from and authenticating them, check out this documentary about Port Royal. It’s amazing!

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  1. I’m not into history OR bottles, but I still found this post a great read… how do you do that?!

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  2. LOL Heather I love you!! You’re so on top of my posts just waiting for a next one.
    I always meet the coolest people no matter what I’m doing. Being on the road here is one big opportunity!

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  3. Yes, yes, I know!…If you could wonder over near and around Negril in the next couple weeks and write and take pictures, that would be GREAT. LOL

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  4. I might just be doing that Heather. I have an invite to write about a villa in Negril and I’m trying to fit it in before I leave the island in 2 weeks.

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  5. I would LOVE to visit Port Royal someday. It would be one of the coolest things I have ever done in JA. I love the history myself. I am going to watch the video on this blog post later tonight. I can’t wait.

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  6. You should definitely go. It’s well worth it and the video clip is a good one too. I hope you enjoy it. It actually shows these exact bottles and where they came from!

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  7. I just came upon your site after searching for antique salvaged bottles from the Caribbean Islands. I have found pieces of bottles on various trips
    to the Bahamas over the past decade and would love to anchor my little collection with a true treasure of a complete bottle. I realize it has been several years, but if Mrs. Sangster has any of these bottles left for sale I would be very interested.

    Thank you for your time,

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  8. Hi Tim, I’m emailing you now.

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