Courier Services in Jamaica

This is something I never thought I’d be blogging about in Jamaica but I think it will definitely be useful information for some people, whether visiting or living on the island.  This is not a sponsored post, it’s just some knowledge that I’ve gained and want to share.

Now that I run a business here I’ve been learning about several things along the way that make my life a little easier.  Yesterday I learned about courier services in Jamaica.  I’ve known about a couple of different courier companies in here for years – DHL Jamaica and Tara Courier Jamaica – but never actually had to use one until this week.

You all know I love road trips but sometimes it’s just not cost effective nor time effective to make a cross-island trek just to drop off a sample gift box at a resort.  I’m based in Black River and this gift box had to get all the way to Great Huts in Portland.  I Googled the distance and time it would take to drive and the result was more than FIVE hours one way!  Nope, I wasn’t about to cough up the cost of two tanks of gas for this task so I then Googled courier services.

I checked DHL’s website first but didn’t find it very simple to navigate.  All I wanted to know was the cost of sending my little box across the island but there was no definitive answer in plain sight so my next step was to check the Tara Courier website.  They had their prices and locations all listed clearly so it was easy for me to get a rough idea of what it might cost me to ship it and where to drop off my package.


tara courier jamaica


Their drop off center in Black River is located right on the main street in town, in fact it’s in the same office as the DHL drop off spot and there’s a sign hanging outside the door that clearly marks it.  The lady behind the counter asked to see what I was sending and where it was going.  I placed my package on the counter and right away she told me the cost of shipping it would be $1050.00 JMD (approximately $9.00 USD) and it would arrive the next day.  To me that sounded SO cheap for such a long journey so I asked her if she was sure about that price.  She laughed at me and said yes!

I filled out the way bill with her assistance, marked it extra fragile so that they would handle it with care, and paid her the $1050.00.  They let me ship the box as is without any extra packaging and it was good to go.


jamrock in a box jamaica gift box


I dropped off the box around 1:00pm on Tuesday afternoon and just now, at 11:30am on Wednesday morning Great Huts advised me that the box was received.  So there you have it….courier services in Jamaica made simple!  This has made my life so much easier and I’m more than impressed!


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