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Hanover, Jamaica

Continuing on in my parish project, one of my readers suggested I move clockwise from where I started with Westmoreland.  That would take us to Hanover.  This post will be short because I haven’t spent much time in Hanover but as I found out with Westmoreland, word travels and readers have much to add.

hanover jamaica

Things I’ve Learned in Hanover

–  The parish is bordered by St James and Westmoreland and is Jamaica’s smallest parish.

–  I learned about and attended my first Jamaican jerk festival in the town of Lucea in 2008.  The Hanover jerk festival was more of an entertainment event which surprised me because I thought a jerk festival would have been more about the food.  Regardless, it was a really cool small scale outdoor concert with fabulous entertainment.  In hindsight, after attending some major music and dance events in Jamaica I prefer the smaller, more intimate ones.  I’m not much of a “huge crowd” fan.

–  I’m pretty sure I saw one of the last live performances of Ninja Man in Hanover, before he went to prison.  He has since been released (in 2012).

–  Hanover is home to one of the most beautiful and exclusive golf courses in the world – Tryall Club. Driving past the Tryall resort and golf area is BEAUTIFUL! It is a long, straight stretch of highway that is shaded by an umbrella of trees that arch over top the road. It’s such a pretty spot to drive through and reminds me of Bamboo Avenue in St Elizabeth.

–  Lucea is the capital of this parish and happens to be one of the neatest little towns to walk around.  If you happen to be en route to Negril you will pass through Lucea.  Either drive yourself so you can stop and explore or try to coerce your bus driver to stop and let you “do” Lucea.  There are a lot of cool historical buildings in this bustling little town and plenty of photo opportunities.

–  I discovered Bubbles; one of the friendliest bars/cafes I’ve ever randomly run across while driving aimlessly.

–  I unwillingly discovered one of those Jamaican lotto scam groups that happens to be from Hanover.

–  Although I’ve never been to it nor seen it, Fort Charlotte is an old naval fort dating back to the 1700’s.  Jamaica has a ton of historical forts and battle sights and this one is said to be one of the best kept ones.

fort charlotte jamaica

That concludes what I know or have learned about the parish of Hanover – I know it was short.  Sadly, it’s mostly just been a place I’ve driven through on my way to somewhere else.  I know I have readers who are either residents of this parish, or frequent visitors so I’m sure more info is going to pop up in the comments below.  If you have something to add PLEASE share and post them below in the comments!  Thanks!

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  1. All I can really add is that a chunk of the Negril Beach, including all of Bloody Bay, is in Hanover. Also that story about the clock tower in Lucea having a clock destined for St. Lucia…every driver I’ve ever had has retold that story :)

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  2. What do you want to know about this little town? If you blink you miss it? Considering its the capital of Hanover, it’s pretty small. But it has lots of interesting places, a great meat and vegetable market as well as a general market in the old bus park and is overrun with supermarkets!
    First of all, the clock on the top of the parish council offices. This has many stories attached to it but the one commonly told is that the clock was bound by ship for St Lucia but the ship was hi-jacked by pirates as it docked in Lucea Harbour. The pirate who headed the robbery was a woman named Davis (from Davis Cove) who ordered her pirates to steal the clock. The clock has the shape of a German helmet which denotes where it was manufactured. This is just one of the stories and no doubt others will surface in due time.
    Fort Charlotte is a very peaceful place just to sit and look out to sea. The old guns are still there and where the NWA had their offices before they moved out. It also used to be the home of the annual New Years Eve Dance and many a famous singer has been made welcome there, U-Roy, General Trees, Yellowman and Tibets to name a few. The dance was transferred to the Jockey Factory (near the police headquarters)about three years ago.
    Lucea loves stage shows and doesn’t need an excuse to put one on! The car park, parish council car park, Watson Taylor Park and Ruseas School see many shows and dances every year! (And I was at the Ninja Man show at Ruseas where JMY also attended).
    Churches are plentiful in this little town. St Mary’s Anglican just on the corner of the road to Negril, is the parish church, then there is the Jamaica and Cayman Islands United Church on Church Street, closely followed by the Methodist Church opposite the post office. And there is also Kingdom Hall for the Jehovah Witnesses and Church of God just on Mosely Drive.
    The “seaside” is where the fishermen come and go bringing in their catch from the Caribbean which is then sold on the streets and also where there are bars and music for anyone who cares to wander there.
    The 300 Club is the most popular night club having been home to Stone Love Sound System many many times on a Friday night.
    And Lucea Veranda is the place to just hang out and chill and watch the world go by, any time day or night.

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  3. THANK YOU ladies, for adding to this blog post! Janet I KNEW you’d be in here like a dirty shirt and I appreciate it :-)
    Liz, you’re always right on time too….thank you.
    We all know and love different things about Jamaica and that’s the best part – sharing!

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  4. Forgot one thing – my #1 favorite book set in Jamaica is set in Hanover – Cousins Cove and Lances Bay. It’s by Guy Kennaway, called One People. You’d like it I think.

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  5. Thanks for the tip. I’m gonna Google it and see what it’s about. :-)

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  6. Well you know that I feel drawn to Lucea too – I loved reading all of this!! I’m very excited to be staying here on my next visit!! :)

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  7. I’ve always loved that little place ever since my first drive through it 10 years ago. I hope you enjoy your stay and discover lots of things there! Bring back some info to post on this page

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  8. My first visit to JA was to Lucea with the University of Texas. We stayed in the homes of local families. I discovered the real Jamaica in Lucea. I LOVE Lucea and all the great people I met. The best way I heard it described was a local telling me Lucea was like the “country”. The “country” in Texas is when you get away from the hustle and hassle of the big city. It is the same in smaller towns like Lucea. It is unfortunate that most people from the USA do not get to experience JA the same way that I did. All inclusive do not give you that experience. I have been back many times usually staving at the Driftwood Inn. I have made many great friends there and cannot wait to get back. Soon come!

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  9. That’s awesome John! You were very lucky to experience that on your first visit. I got to stay “country” on my second trip and it was wonderful too. That’s when I really fell in love with the island.

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