Problems Always Create Opportunities

I’m not sure whether I’ve had more instances with losing electricity or losing water in Jamaica.  Either way, whenever one of those happens it starts out as a problem but always turns into an opportunity.  What might that opportunity be?  The chance to make a new discovery of course!  You guys know me, I always find something new to blog about during a mishap.

As far as I’m concerned, losing water in Jamaica is one of the worst things that I can lose simply because of the hot weather and how quickly I feel disgusting when I can’t have a shower.  The one thing I inevitably realize when the water goes out is how unprepared I always seem to be.  You’d think I would know by now to have several jugs of water lined up in case I need them.  But nope.  And the stupidest part is that I always seem to find myself in the ONLY houses in Jamaica whose black water tank on the roof is empty.

Thank God Jamaica is the land of wood and WATER so there are plenty of random rivers, ponds and waterholes everywhere you turn.  All you have to do is be willing to go find one.


jamaica my way


I think it was really only 24 hours that we were without water but I desperately wanted to shampoo my hair since this isn’t something I do every single day.  It just happened that on “shampoo day” we had no water.   So it was me, the friend I rent from, and his cousin who were in the house at the time.  They knew of a waterhole that was very nearby the house so I packed up my bathing supplies and we were off.  When we pulled up at the spot it was one of the  most beautiful places I’d seen near here!  I was shocked that they hadn’t told me about it or that I’d never known of it sooner!  Like it’s within walkable distance from the house.

Before we arrived they told me that the reason they’d never mentioned this place before is because a while back a woman drowned here and they didn’t think I’d want to come because of that.  It was a little chilling to hear but at the same time, I’m sure plenty of people have drowned in places where swimming is a regular occurrence.  It’s very unfortunate but I straight up needed to bathe.

Walking up to the side of the waterhole I could see that the water was a super clear blue-green and you can’t really see the bottom, which means it’s deep, which also means I could dive in head first and not worry about knocking myself out.  Excellent.  That’s just what I did and after 24 hours of my body not touching water the feeling was glorious!  I could have swam all day in there but we only stayed long enough to cool off, clean off and enjoy what nature was providing us for a short time.


water hole in jamaica


To be honest, knowing the whole neighborhood was without water I was shocked that we were the only people here this day.  I guess because we were the only idiots with an empty water tank lol.  I found out later that the reason why our tank was empty is because all along we’d been using the tank water, not the community water which made no sense to me.  It was a lesson learned for all involved.  STOP using tank water when we have perfectly fine pipe water!  However, I found this beautiful water hole because of it so it was a decent trade off.




  • Pierre says:

    Where were you? I am wondering if your hosts were inadvertently using the tank water thinking that they were using the public supply.

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  • Kristi says:

    It’s in Middle Quarters. I think it was a blind error on his part, yes. And one that won’t happen again as long as I rent there (It’s a long term rental for me). I kind of made a big deal about paying rent and not having water lol.

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  • This is gorgeous! I must know where this is, pretty please? 😀

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  • Kristi says:

    It’s in Middle Quarters, a little hard to describe where it is because it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere. You know the main road that passes Luana and the Knutsford bus stop? Just keep driving towards Middle Quarters on that road and this lagoon is right off that main road, not too far into the bush. There are no landmarks to speak of though. That’s what makes it hard to explain!

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