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Two Tourist Boards Walk Into a Bar….

First of all I need to update you all on something.  I did not end up going to Barbados like I said I would in my last post. Suffice it to say that Air Canada really screwed up, sent my luggage to Barbados, but did not send me. Guess it just wasn’t meant to be at that time.

Having said all that, some great things have happened since then so I dug myself out of the depression hole to share with you all.  There’s no better way to start a first blog post in two months than with a joke.  Here goes:

Two tourist boards walk into a bar.

Both are good looking really good looking.

The other tourist board recognizes your sparkle and wants to know everything about you, what makes you tick, what you’re good at, etc. He offers to wine you, dine you and take you on a whirlwind vacation of a lifetime – all expenses paid.

The other tourist board….not so much.

Which one walks out with the girl on his arm?

In September of 2013 I had a lucky connection and was able to have a letter hand-delivered to Jamaica’s minister of tourism.  Documentation of that experience is right here.  I never updated you all on the result of that but basically what happened is that I received zero response – not even an acknowledgement like “Thanks for the tips”.  But less than two months later their tourist board website was completely overhauled (exactly what I was suggesting and offering to help them do).  The timing was way too close for me to consider it a coincidence.

Fast forward to NOW.  That other very good looking tourist board in the bar – his name is Tobago.  And I think he deserves a huge shout out for picking up what travel bloggers are putting down and opening up the experience of a lifetime to one of us.  One of my readers also deserves a huge shout out for sending me the link to Tobago and encouraging me to go for it!

As of right now I’m in the running to spend 60 days on the island of Tobago doing exactly what I’ve done for Jamaica…..showcase everything there is to do, everywhere there is to stay, and eat all the food you drool over when reading about tropical paradises.  The opportunity is extraordinary!

The job competition is called 60 Days In Paradise and it’s everything Jamaica has trained me for.  It’s like Jamaica was my coach and now that I’ve perfected my craft it pushed me out of the nest and told me to go get a life and move on.

So without further delay I’m telling you three things:

#1 – View my audition video for Tobago (posted below)

#2 – Go check out my official BIO WEBSITE for this Tobago job.

#3 – Stay tuned on my Facebook and Twitter accounts for when voting time begins!  After the deadline for submissions reaches, judges will choose 10 FINALISTS.  Once the list of finalists is released voting begins.  Of course I’ll be a finalist and then I’ll be soliciting your support in the form of votes!!


I know you’re saying that none of this relates to Jamaica and what the hell am I planning to do in the future?  Barbados was supposed to be the beginning of a new travel blog but since that never happened and a bunch of new opportunities are popping up all over the place…..I sense FABULOSITY in the very near future.

I waited 5 years for that ONE opportunity to emerge out of Jamaica and it never did so I guess it will just be my retirement spot.

There are other places on this planet who want what I have.

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  1. Kiss mi neck back, Kristi! You got this – and my vote!

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  2. Thanks Carol!!

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