Shopping At Bashco

Since I’m making the transition from living in Canada to living in Jamaica in the new year, today is the first post under my new category called “Living In Jamaica”. Things are just different there and I find pure entertainment in everything about Jamaica! So here’s the first installment – shopping at Baschco!

For those of you who don’t know Bashco, it’s an everything store much like every other store in Jamaica. Have you ever noticed that a lot of stores have “….and more” after the name on the signs? Or that every store is a “variety” store? I was even driving in the countryside one day and there was a store sign that read “Just Hoses…..and more” 😀 How could a store be JUST something, but also “and more”?? I love Jamaica.


So back to Bashco in Ocho Rios. I have my own apartment in Jamaica now and I needed to fill it with all the conveniences one needs when they live somewhere – such as household cleaning supplies, storage containers, and things of that nature. I went to Bashco because they literally do have everything a household could want.

I really wish I had taken pictures so you could see how the place was laid out. You walk in the front door and there’s ONE aisle straight down the center of the store with a magnitude of random goods everywhere. The place has every product either tied down or stapled to the walls, or sitting out on display tables all around you and each item has a price and a number code taped to it. The object of the game in Bashco is to walk through with a piece of paper and a pencil and write down the numbers corresponding to the items you need.

What I noticed about items here in Jamaica – things that would be about $5.00 at Walmart back home are about $15.00 in Jamaica. Like I had to buy some large Rubbermaid type containers and they were ridiculously overpriced compared to what I could have paid back home. But things like pot scrubbers came in packs of more than you can use in a lifetime, for dirt cheap! I’m sure if I calculated the price of the pack to how many was in the pack they’d be about one cent each LOL!

Once you have a long list of random numbers you have to give it to a lady working behind a wire cage, she is like the warehouse lady. All the products are stored in the warehouse behind that cage and she takes your paper, compiles all your products and gives you a receipt for the total amount owing. You then have to take that receipt and lose your place in line to go to the very back of the store to pay. The payment person is behind a wall with a hole in it that’s so small you can’t see who you’re paying. You put the receipt and your cash through the hole, they give you back your change and a “paid” receipt through the hole.

After the hole in the wall you make your way back to the original line at the cage, give them back the “paid” receipt and they give you the big pile of items you just bought. So I left the store with a big blue container full of brooms, mops, cutlery, scrubbers, etc.

The absolute funniest thing about the whole shopping trip is that I bought a power bar with multiple plug-ins for my computer set up at the apartment. Well anything you buy at Bashco that needs to be plugged in they tell you to take it to the power outlet at the front of the store, open the package and test it to see if it works LOL! So we went to the front of the store where there was a small line of people plugging electrical items in to make sure they work before they take it home.

ONLY in Jamaica……… 😀


  • Just Lilly says:

    I’ve never been to any kind of store in JA other than the Hi-Lo and a few food/convenience stores. Loved reading about Bashco! Sounds like a fun outing!!!

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  • JC says:

    Yep it was kind of hilarious. And shopping with Dyana and Chino made it more entertaining. We had a field day deciding what needs to be in the apartment!

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  • Randomrae says:

    I would have been confused like ish all the lines back an forth think i would have found a way to make a broom.

    That electrical testing is a good idea (who wants to get all the way home after battling all those lines and waiting to find out the item they purchased dont work LOL )

    ….Wait…. your taking up semi perminate residence! Thats WASSUP take me with you!!!!!!

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  • JC says:

    Yes Rae I am! I’ve been building towards this a while now. Time to go!

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  • Randomrae says:

    WoW i seriously admire you …ill be visiting soon! LOL

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  • JC says:

    Definitely! Come on down.

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  • Jamaipanese says:

    didn’t know you were living in Jamaica now, welcome to Jamaica mon ^_^

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  • JC says:

    Not quite yet but in March I will be there! That Bascho shopping was in November to get my new apartment there all set up!

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  • Chelsea says:

    I have never been to a type of store like Basco in JA….only been to the supermarkets in Tropical Plaza or is it Manor Park Plaza…..and ofcourse the traders on the side of the road….sounds fun. I dont think I would like losing my place in line though…..dwl

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  • GhettoGurl says:

    LMAO!!! Thats like a department store in Aruba… I used to get soooo annoyed!!!

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  • Demoya says:

    I found it strange when you said you had to write the number for the items down. I thought all the stores changed that system. I know for a fact though that the Bashco in Kingston and the one in Savana-la-mar have changed. You just walk in, grab your shopping cart and get your stuff.

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  • JC says:

    Oh for real?? This was the one in Ochi and it was just November last year (2010). Not sure if it’s changed in the last couple months but I’ll check when I go back.

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  • racquel says:

    shopping at bashco is fun and excited.

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  • Tritech says:

    I am advised that the Programme Director at Kevoy Community Development Institute(KCDI) (these are the people who provide Farm Management and Community Development training) works at Bashco.

    Great going Bashco love the forward thinking.

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  • Name says:

    every bashco store in jamaica have change you just have to walk in an pick up what you want

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  • Kristi says:

    In the Ochi Bascho you have to order what you want. You can’t just pick it up and go buy it.

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  • Vera says:

    I have a friend named Chino in Ochi…..I wonder how many Chino’s there are there LOL
    He’s calls me almost every morning since I’ve been back in Canada to ask how I am and to wish me a blessed day!!!
    I’m so pleased to stay in touch with Jamaica via my new friends, makes me feel close to them!! my return can not be soom enough!!

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  • Kristi says:

    LOL Vera, considering none of their REAL names are Chino, it’s hard to say!

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  • Danila says:

    I guess the post needs updating. If you still live here you should now report about the spilt level, supermarket style, air conditioned comfort we now enjoy at the new and improved Bashco, Ocho Rios.

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  • Kristi says:

    Thanks Danila, I haven’t lived in Jamaica since 2012 so I appreciate the update.

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  • chun says:

    i love me some bashco

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  • kartel says:

    bashco is the best

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  • malike says:

    i brought a bicycle and i want to carry it back because later in the day my mom find out she has cancer and i really need the money to make up on what she has..can i go and get back my money?

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  • Kristi says:

    Malike I’m very sorry to hear about your mother! I hope she’ll be okay. As for taking your bike back I have no idea. I’m not affiliated with Bashco.

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  • shantal wellesley says:

    I watch the bashco shopping show each n everyday I jus enjoy how elva n omar do their stuff.

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  • melissa says:

    oh my gosh, what an experience…but I can assure you the Bascho on Orange Street downtown Kingston is certainly not like that…just look on CVM TV for the shopping at Bascho feature, usually comes on in the mornings or somewhere around lunch time

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  • Kristi says:

    LOL thanks for the comment Melissa. Yes it was quite the experience. It’s part of what makes Jamaica fun….all the differences in normal everyday things!

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