My First Jamaican Villa Experience


Seaview Chateau in Ironshore, Montego Bay

This is my very first upscale villa experience in Jamaica and I must say I wondered if the villa lifestyle would really be suitable for me.  I had preconceived notions about renting a room in a large house with a shared kitchen and villa staff, all of which went out the window now that I’ve been in this villa for 7 days.  Here’s my official review of Seaview Chateau, and I’d like to send out MANY thanks to the villa for inviting me to stay and giving me this opportunity.


Seaview Chateau, Ironshore Montego Bay

Arriving at Seaview Chateau, I was warmly greeted by Miss Joyce who is the cook and housekeeper here.  She showed me to my awesome room on the front side of the villa and the minute I walked in I realize why this is called “Seaview”.  My balcony doors open onto an expansive and unobstructed view of the se where I’ve spent many hours sitting and watching planes fly in and out of Jamaica.  I also have a full view of the HUGE pool deck and private pool below me.  I’ve taken several dips in the pool in the daytime and after dark.  It’s the most refreshing way to cool off in the hot Montego Bay air.

Seaview Chateau, Ironshore Montego Bay

Seaview Chateau, Ironshore Montego Bay

For my first few days in the villa there were other guests staying which would have been my main concern.  But after sharing a couple breakfasts and conversation with them it was kind of a nice feeling to gather in the dining area every morning.  Turns out they were also Canadian (Jamaican descent) and we had some fun chats.  After breakfast everyone goes on about their day and we rarely ran into each other.  I did see this group using the kitchen and cooking their own meals but Miss Joyce is also here to prepare awesome meals if you choose to have her do it.  All you need to do is bring in your groceries and leave her to it!  She makes wicked brown stew chicken and she’s been preparing breakfasts of her choice for me every morning.  She can do it all from omlettes to traditional Jamaican breakfasts.

Seaview Chateau, Ironshore Montego Bay

Seaview Chateau, Ironshore Montego Bay

Another staff member on site at all times is Andre who soon adopted the name “Mr. Everything”.  He’s the gardener but has been awesome for everything else too, right down to stirring my coffee and just sitting on the back veranda chatting.  You’ll also catch him singing quite often.  For the majority of my stay I’ve been the only guest so I’ve shared lots of time and laughs with Miss Joyce and Andre.  This property also has night security at all times, and that would be Paul.  He’s very handy helping you learn the ropes if you choose to try the local taxi system.  He walked with me at night out to the main road and waited with me for a route taxi.  He also provided me with his number for when I was returning so he could meet me at the gate to make sure I get in okay.  Overall I felt secure, comfortable and very welcome by the staff here.  The boys might not admit it but Miss Joyce runs the show and has an awesome sense of humor!

After the other guests checked out I had a chance to peek into most of the other rooms to see what else Seaview Chateau has to offer. I believe there are 4 rooms the size of mine, which is one of the biggest suites. Mine came complete with a standup shower, a big jacuzzi tub, and a huge walk-in closet space. There are 10 rooms in total and the other 6 are also great sizes and have 2 double beds in each, the front rooms have sea views and the back rooms have garden views.  All rooms also have their own ensuite bathrooms, cable TV, wireless internet and air conditioning.  Altogether this property can sleep 20 people very comfortably.

Seaview Chateau, Ironshore Montego Bay

My room, a master suite

Seaview Chateau, Ironshore Montego Bay

Jacuzzi tub in my suite

Seaview Chateau, Ironshore Montego Bay

A double room

Seaview Chateau, Ironshore Montego Bay

Another of the double rooms

Aside from sleeping accommodations, Seaview Chateau has loads of common space where groups can gather, or you can just chill out and read a book or surf the internet on your laptop. The main floor has a large veranda facing the pool deck with lots of seating, and an indoor living area with couches to hang out on. The second floor has the same large balcony space with plenty of seating and tables and an indoor lounging area with couches, a sound system and cable TV, DVD and VCR. In fact, this is where I’m sitting right at this moment – sprawled out on the couch listening to Andre sing in the kitchen downstairs.

Seaview Chateau, Ironshore Montego Bay

Main floor living area

Seaview Chateau, Ironshore Montego Bay

Second floor living area with TV and sound system

After having stayed at this villa for a full week my ideas of villa life have changed quite a bit. I was never disturbed by other guests, and the staff is here if you need them but don’t disturb you if you don’t.  There’s MORE than enough space here for large groups to rent the entire home for a vacation, and enough privacy that if you’re traveling solo you’re not all up in anyone’s way.  The patio space is great for social gatherings, which I had a few.  My coworker and friends spent nuff time here with me for drinks, dinners, and just hanging out.  Friends are free to come and go.

Seaview Chateau is located in the upscale neighborhood of Ironshore, Montego Bay and the only thing you’ll find around you are more huge villas and homes.  Only a 5 minute drive away from this villa is the Blue Diamond shopping center and another shopping center across the road, where you’ll find supermarkets, souvenir shops, restaurants, laundrymat, casino, Harley Davidson Jamaica, Payless Shoes (yes Payless is here!), etc.  More than enough conveniences in the area.  Sangster airport is only about 15 minutes drive.

I learned how to take a taxi in and out of this area which is dirt cheap.  If you’re willing to walk out on the main road and catch a route taxi you’ll only pay $120 jmd (About $1.50) from Ironshore right onto the main strip in Montego Bay.  And you’ll probably only pay about $50 jmd to get to the shopping center. They are safe and quick, and if you’re going out at night you can get the driver’s number to call him on your way back and he’ll pick you up and bring you right to the the villa gate.  If you’re not into public transport and wish to charter a ride into Montego Bay you’ll probably pay about $20 – $30 USD for the ride.

Again I would love to thank Seaview Chateau for having me as their guest this past week.


  • Jamie says:

    Everything you had to say about this villa is flat on! I also stayed here, and I am not joking when I say that the experience changed my life. I didn’t realize you had a negative vibe from the idea of staying at a villa. LOL I’m glad you see that they are not so bad. I LOVE Seaview Chateau. I still keep in touch with Andre and Joyce. LOL

    I gave Joyce some things I couldn’t fit in my suitcase on the way back, and I gave her a backpack I had used during my trip. I accidently left my iPod in the inner pocket of it. She called me two days later to make sure she could get it back to me somehow. I thought that was really great of her. 🙂

    I also thought it was great that they didn’t mind people to come in and out. I have family in MoBay, and we spent a day at the villa swimming in the pool, hangin out in the common space upstairs, and eating. It was great.

    I am going back to MoBay in August, but the Seaview Chateau was full, so we are staying somewhere else. I plan on stopping by to see everyone for sure!

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  • FANTASTIC REVIEW,thanks Kristi,you did and outstanding job and i really enjoyed reading it,great pics as always too!,the property could not have a found a better writer or traveler for this location,you are very observant and do not miss any details,lovely!,thanks so much for sharing!,looking forward to your future entries,one love

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  • Glad you are enjoying it. Villa vacations are the best in Jamaica! Actually have a similar post to write in the next few days.

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  • Kristi says:

    Shane are you trying to get free stuff?? LOL!! Thank you so much for the awesome comments. The place was great and I enjoyed everything about it….and trust me, if I think a place deserves a mediocre review I give it.

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