The Horses of Half Moon – Such a Lively Bunch!

Probably no one who follows this blog knows that I used to be a hardcore horse person in a former life.  As a teenager I had my own horse, was into 4-H and was very much into show jumping.  But then I grew into an adult, life changed and I moved in other directions.  If I was a millionaire I would still do ALL the things I love, not just one or two.

Anyway, during my stay and review at Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay I was highly encouraged to drop in at the Equestrian center on site and take a peek at what they do there.  This is kind of a “small world” story because it was  the manager at Budget Jamaica (my blog sponsor) who told me that his wife runs the Equestrian program at the resort so I should go look for her and introduce myself.  That was a no-brainer because I LOVE horses and would make up any excuse to hang out with them for a day.


half moon resort equestrian center


I walked into the Equestrian center, found Trina, the lady I was looking for and enjoyed a lovely conversation with her about the whole program here at Half Moon.  Upon entering her office I immediately fell in love with the five….yes FIVE super friendly and affectionate dogs all casually laying about on the floor.  Trina advised me that several of them were rescue dogs and that she’s a big advocate for animal welfare and rescue.  That warmed my heart a lot because Jamaica has an abundance of animal welfare issues.


half moon horses


Trina also told me that not only does the Equestrian center cater to guests of the resort but anyone from outside the resort can book into the variety of riding activities at Half Moon.  I may go back one day and treat myself to a Turf and Surf experience because I’ve always wanted to swim in the sea on horseback!


half moon horses


After our chat Trina encouraged me to go over to the arena and feel free to get familiar with the horses.  This is the part where I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  These horses are for SURE Jamaican because they definitely are some spirited creatures!  I could have stood there all day watching them frolic and cause mischief.  I’m not sure who were the bigger trouble makers….the horses, the two donkeys or the the dogs!  Regardless, all of them combined put on a worthwhile show for my video camera.  If you love horses you’ll LOVE this video!



So those were the horses of Half Moon in all their playful glory.  Below is the brochure that Trina gave me outlining the equestrian experience at her center just in case anyone’s interested in checking it out.

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