Villa Bleu – St Ann, Jamaica

This villa is no longer operating as it was when I reviewed it.  I have chosen to keep this published just to show readers the kinds of accommodations that are possible to experience in Jamaica. 


I’m so thankful that this blog has connected me with some of the most awesome people in Jamaica and from around the world.  Without a doubt this was one of the most pleasant links I’ve ever made.  Shortly before my last trip I received an email from the Canadian owners of Villa Bleu near Mammee Bay, which is also very near Ocho Rios.  They were inviting me to come stay at their villa and although my schedule didn’t allow for me to stay they made me a different offer that I couldn’t refuse.  These owners follow my blog enough to know that I’m a fried chicken addict so they told me to come spend a day on the property and to show up hungry!  Who am I to turn down an invitation like that?


villa bleu jamaica


The Location

Villa Bleu was super easy to find and definitely stands out on the block with that beautiful color!  From the main highway going towards Ocho Rios I simply turned right up Steertown Road – the same turn to get to Scotchies jerk center.  Then you take the first left turn off Steertown Road, without actually going up into Steertown.   Simple, direct and you’re within minutes walking distance to Scotchies, a gas station and several small local shops.  You’re also only a ten minute drive to Ocho Rios and popular tourist activities like Dunns River falls, Mystic Mountain and Dolphin Cove, if those are things you’d like to do.


My Day at the Villa

When I arrived at Villa Bleu I was warmly greeted by Miss Kitty who is their housekeeper, cook and on-site management when the owners aren’t there.  Miss Kitty is amazing!  She didn’t rush to show me the villa, instead she rushed to offer me a rum and Pepsi, relax and visit.  While I sat at the dining room table having my drink, it appeared that a HUGE meal was well under way in the kitchen.  The smell was heavenly and the vibe was awesome.  We talked a lot about things she had read on my blog and business at the villa, which is brand new.

Also joining us for lunch was Rohan, the man who has custom built every single piece of wood furniture in this entire villa.  I will do a separate blog post about him later because his craftsmanship is amazing.

So here is the AMAZING meal Miss Kitty whipped up for us that afternoon.  Fried chicken, rice and peas, fried plantain, potato salad, regular salad, and even homemade fruit juice.  Every single thing she prepared was from scratch and she did it as if it were no big deal!


villa bleu jamaica


villa bleu jamaica


villa bleu jamaica

Honestly, Miss Kitty is so cool I could see myself hanging out with her anytime, not just at the villa!  And Rohan was also a real interesting character.  I can’t wait to blog about his woodwork.

After our bellies were all good and full we cleaned up a bit and it was time to tour the villa.  Get ready for this because the rooms here are GORGEOUS.  You know how the decor in many Jamaican places is a little questionable?  Well not this one.  I could tell that Marjo (the owner from Canada) REALLY put a lot of thought and personal touches into decorating all the rooms.  Everything is beautifully coordinated and each room felt like a little oasis with bamboo furniture, fresh and colorful linens and lots of open space.


Check out the video below to see the whole place and then I’ll write more:




The villa has three air conditioned bedrooms all with ensuite bathrooms, a large living area on the upper level that opens out onto a long veranda, large flatscreen TV with cable and WIFI internet throughout the property.  The full kitchen and dining room on the main floor leaves the option of self catering or hiring Miss Kitty to prepare meals.  You as the guest just buy the groceries and she makes whatever you want!  The back yard also has an outdoor grill for barbequing meals.

The front yard and front veranda are huge and Rohan has built the most awesome hammock for lounging and relaxing out front.  I’m telling you I never wanted to come out of this hammock!


villa bleu jamaica



This villa is no longer operating as it was when I reviewed it.  I have chosen to keep this published just to show readers the kinds of accommodations that are possible to experience in Jamaica.


  • Thomas Avant says:

    Finally! A website i can identify with!!! Thank you! Been checking out sites concerning what Jamaica really is like, and moving to Jamaica.
    Is there a chance we could cyber-converse focusing on Jamaica?
    Enjoy reading your stories!!!

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  • Kristi says:

    Thank you Thomas! Send me an email and lets chat!

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  • maggie tarbox says:


    Love your blog! Was going to Jamaica for 2 weeks in July. Decided to add a 3d week on and just booked villa bleu for the first week. Can’t wait to see it in person. Looks amazing.

    Keep posting as I am a regular visitor to Jamaica as my fiance lives there and we plan to retire there in a few years. We are checking out all of the different areas and your blog is a wonderful resource.



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  • Kristi says:

    Thanks for the comments Maggie! And I’m so glad you’re going to stay at Villa Bleu! It’s a wonderful place!
    Make sure you tell them you saw this review, they’d love to know it’s working for them. Enjoy your trip!

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