Personal Mission

feet-sandMy mission with this website and business is the same as my mission in life. When a person finds something they are passionate about and excel at, I believe they should pursue it wholeheartedly. When I first started traveling to Jamaica I didn’t know I would eventually write about it. When I first started writing about it I didn’t know my writing would become popular and develop so much of a following. It helped me to believe in myself and made me realize I’d found something I was indeed good at and passionate about.

Nothing can rival how much I’ve learned about life and different cultures through my travels and nothing gives me so much satisfaction than sharing what I’ve learned with others. I’ve met more new people and made more connections than I know what to do with on this road to self-discovery.

Having said all that, my mission is to share that soul of Jamaica with anybody who wants to discover it for themselves. As they say about Jamaica; Once you go….you know.