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Giddy House – Port Royal

Alright this was my FIRST official trip to see Port Royal and I loved it! I’ve been wanting to go there for years now and finally had my chance last month. There will be more than one Port Royal post because there was just so much to see, learn and take pictures of in this little town.

A Jamaican girl I know told me that if I ever went there I should make sure to go see this “Giddy House”. All I knew was it’s a crooked, half sunk building that you can go inside and the feeling is crazy because it’s so lopsided.

Me standing inside Giddy House

Me standing inside Giddy House

Apparently it was built in 1888 and was the old Royal Artillery Store for the Victoria Battery in Fort Charles. The Earthquake of 1907 shifted it to its present 45 degree angle. On entering the building, people often feel a strange sensation of being giddy or off balance, caused by the building’s tilt, hence its name -the Giddy House.

We went inside and had some fun trying to walk, pose and do the moonwalk LOL. The sensation of trying to maneuver yourself properly was similar to being tipsy. As I said this is just one installment of the many awesome pieces of history I saw in Port Royal and this whole place is definitely worth visiting. The BEST part is that the guided tour inside the battle grounds is only $200 JMD, about $2.50.

Here’s a little video compilation I made to the Night Creature riddim.

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  1. :-)

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  2. My wife and I spent from November 5-November 10, 2006 in Jamaica. The trip was a combined relaxing vacation with several excursions to try and find the Jamaican endemics.

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  3. Thanks for sharing, this place looks amazing!

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  4. Port Royal is awesome Jenny. I still have another post to do about it with plenty more pictures.

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  6. Its magnificent

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