Terms of Use

Updated November 2017


After nearly a decade of publication, it’s high time to publish the Jamaica My Way terms of use policy and it is very, very simple.  There are only a couple of things that need to be stated:


  1.  Going back to one of the oldest rules in the book that hopefully your mother taught you:  If you don’t have anything nice to say, consider not saying it at all.
  2. Your presence on this blog is OPTIONAL.  You are here because you chose to be and the writer is NOT responsible for how you personally experience this blog.


Jamaica My Way has more than one component to it.
Components include:

  1. The original blog that you’re sitting on right now.
  2. A very active Facebook fan page with thousands of users.
  3. Paid premium content.
  4. An optional newsletter that you may or may not be subscribed to


ALL of those are branded under Jamaica My Way…..logically.



Being a member of any or all of those components is optional, however please understand that as a member of the Facebook group or the newsletter, you will see links posted to ALL new Jamaica My Way content – regular AND premium.  Please refrain from calling out things like “Click Baiting” when you see a link dropped, whether the link is to regular content or premium content.  The last time I checked the entire internet is click bait.  That’s what we do, find links and click on them.  Or create our own links and promote them via the internet.  Considering that all components are owned and operated by Jamaica My Way, all components will be operated in whatever way the owner sees fit.


There will always be two different camps of people:

  1.  Those who enjoy forever-free entertainment.  That’s what the original blog is for, since 2003!
  2.  Those who recognize value in premium entertainment.  That is what the premium component is for.


Thank you for taking the terms of use into consideration.
Please enjoy the rest of your Jamaica journey, whether regular OR premium!