Another Jamaican Critter Encounter

Since my 40 Leg and my Banana Spider posts are some of the most highly read and commented posts of all time, I thought I’d share another Jamaican critter with you guys.  The only difference is that I don’t know what this one is called besides a giant caterpillar!  And I have no clue what he turns into!

One of the still shots in the video is this dude beside my razor.  I was just about to start my outdoor shower when I discovered him wriggling his way around beside my feet.  I put the razor there on purpose to show how long he was.  I definitely wasn’t afraid of this guy which is why I chased him around with my video camera lol.  I actually thought he looked really pretty on the green leaves and I would love to know what this thing hatches into!

By the size of him I would say maybe he turns into a small bird??



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