Do NOT Buy My Book

Why would I ever write a blog post telling you NOT to buy my book?  Because now you’re going to get it for FREE.  And because I decided that continuing the chronicles of the book doesn’t belong in a book because there will simply be no ending.  The sequel would never get published because you can’t finish a life and travel in a finite amount of time….unless, of course I careen off a cliff somewhere while driving in the mountainous Jamaican countryside.  Which is a distinct possibility the way some people drive.

ANYWAY!  That was a really roundabout way of saying that Jamaica My Way has launched a brand new premium site and you should hightail it on over there to become a member!  The ongoing sequel to the book is in there among other highly amusing, very informative, creative, juicy, and possibly scandalous pieces of writing that relate to Jamaica.  **wink wink**  And a bunch of giveaways, discounts and deals are thrown in too.  It’s about time huh?


What is this new premium site called?  Wait for it…..because it’s really ingenious:


Jamaica My Way PREMIUM


Brilliant, I know.


jamaica my way premium

But why the heck would I start a premium segment of this blog?  Lord, can I count the reasons out for you?  Suffice it to say that our lovable blog here is such a gigantic beast with over 450 stories (and counting).  It has become nearly impossible to find concrete travel information sprinkled among all the stories and reviews.  So I’ve decided that this blog shall forevermore remain the home for just that…the stories and reviews.

The legit Jamaica travel info needed a new home with a better layout because I get bombarded with emails asking me questions about things that were already on the blog.  People just couldn’t find it.  I’m not leveraging my time properly if I’m addressing these inquiries one by one anymore.

But that’s not all.  This blog is also not the place for many of the scattered musings about Jamaica that cloud my brain on a daily basis.  I’ve been writing what I call “stories that have no place” for years and for real, there has been nowhere to put them.  Now there is.

Jamaica My Way Premium is more intimate and more open.  It’s very rewarding and highly entertaining.  And it was built with the idea of creating a tighter, more open-minded community for those of you who want to be in it.  Hence the private members Facebook group that is included in your membership.

So….shut up already Kristi, right?  GO get messy inside the members area!  There are two BIG giveaways already waiting in there for you and plenty more to come.  Your presence is highly anticipated on the inside.

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