Adressing the Tourism Minister

So I sent a letter directly to the Minister and Junior Minister of tourism in Jamaica about my feelings towards the image of tourism on the island. I’ll never know what happened to the letter unless I magically get a call saying they loved it or hated it. I was encouraged to stop sitting on these issues by a friend and long time (best ever!) fan of Jamaica My Way, who also happens to have some connections in the right government places in Jamaica.

I couldn’t just write a big complaint letter and not try to include some kind of solution, whether my self-righteous proposal is valid or not. It’s SOMETHING which is more than nothing and if I could find a TEAM of people exactly like me we would be in a position to make change. But alas, the overwhelming majority of travelers are satisfied with just being travelers. I need revolutionaries.

Before anyone thinks I should get off my high horse (after reading it) I just want you to know that I’m not blowing my own horn. I’m just not a person who can be satisfied with regular tourism anymore. I want better and I think the JTB should want better for themselves. There are a LOT of problems in Jamaica and I think that if tourism was being “done right” many Jamaicans themselves could benefit (not just the tourists and the wealthy resorts).

Without further delay, here is my letter:

August 28, 2013

To: Mr. Whykeham McNeil
Minister of Tourism, Jamaica
CC: Damion Crawford
Junior Minister of Tourism

Re: The Jamaica tourist board and how it appears to outsiders

Have you ever given someone a really great job reference only to find out they got the job and then performed poorly? This, in turn, makes you feel upset about giving them such a glowing reference because it reflects on you.
My name is Kristi Keller and I’m about to propose something to the Ministry of Tourism that the Jamaica Tourist Board has either forgotten about or just plain neglected. But all is not lost because my proposal will bring back something to tourism in Jamaica that was never there. Diligence.

Please hear me out because you may find some enlightenment within these pages, on how things may look to an outsider looking in. No insult is intended, only insight. This letter is written with as much respect as I can muster while trying to get my point across at the same time.


Following is an introduction to who I am and how I’m qualified to give advice on Jamaica travel and how the JTB could effectively represent its country.

My Island Credentials:

• Have traveled Jamaica extensively for 10+ years to feed my love of the culture and history of the island. I know Jamaica better than I know my native country, Canada.

• Visited and explored 13 out of 14 parishes in Jamaica, including many places nobody wants to go.

• Have been blogging and writing about Jamaica since 2009 and won two awards for best Jamaican blog content in 2011.

• Contributing writer for Our Jamaica magazine, the official JHTA hotel magazine.

• Touring my blog readers around the island and collecting new friends from all over the world that I’ve met because of Jamaica.

• Stayed in and reviewed too many hotels, guest houses and villas to count.

• Toured, photographed and wrote property listings for approximately 50 villas for a vacation rental website.

• Gained recognition and sponsorship from Budget Rental Car Jamaica.

• Approached by a Hollywood screen writer to be a technical adviser on a film being made in Jamaica.

• Participated in a sponsored social media program for Virgin Atlantic Airlines, in their Jamaica campaign.

• Many pending invitations for accommodation reviews that I’m trying to fit in.

• Published two ebooks – one about the ups and downs about quitting life to spend extended time in Jamaica, and one full of travel tips that most travel agents don’t know about.

• Last but not least, out of personal interest I have volunteered and raised money for those less fortunate in your country. Just because I wanted to.

Most recently, I became an accredited travel agent with an obvious specialization in Jamaica travel. I had unofficially planned hundreds of vacations for people from all over the world before becoming an agent, which is what led me to the decision to get my accreditation.


Becoming a travel agent forced me into broadening my sights and studying different locations within the Caribbean. Since I’ve never been anywhere but Jamaica I have to study tourist board websites of other countries in order to sell that country.

As a result of my investigating I am both delighted and saddened. Delighted to see other countries take such pride in their outward appearance to the traveling world, and saddened to know that the Visit Jamaica website provides little to no real information, nor does it respond to tourist inquiries. I have tested the inquiry process many times and have never once received a response.

Upon getting familiar with Barbados, for example, I learned that they are the most re-visited island in the Caribbean and that beach hustlers don’t exist there. When taking the course for Barbados travel specialist I was overwhelmed with how much information their tourist board provided. The Jamaica travel specialist course is about one quarter the length of the Barbados course.

When studying Grenada, a tiny little place that no one ever talks about, I was overly impressed with their tourism website which is packed full of great information and hundreds of accommodations on a well-organized and eye-pleasing website.

Those are just a couple of examples that come to mind after being so disappointed in the JTB for so long. It is okay for Jamaica to have a sub-standard tourist information service if the JTB only wants people to fly in, fly out and remember the resort they stayed at. But doesn’t Jamaica want people to be astounded with a travel experience they will never forget?

It is not enough for foreigners to wave the Jamaican flag only because they know who Usain Bolt is or because they love Bob Marley. It is not enough that an overwhelming majority of women revisit only because they have a Jamaican boyfriend. And it is definitely not enough to think the JTB has it all covered just because they promote Sandals resorts. Sandals is a Jamaican corporation but up until last year they didn’t even serve local Jamaican rum!

As TPDCo chairperson, Maxine Henry-Wilson commented on Feb 12 at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel, “I also believe that we are aware of the changing nature of the highly competitive global economy and the changing nature of our visitors, who are no longer content with enjoying just sun, sea and sand. They (tourists) are, more than ever, more discerning, more sophisticated, and require higher standards across the board. All of these elements are key components which help to differentiate us from other destinations.”

To put it quite simply, I care how people experience Jamaica and what their impression is when they return home. I feel offended and take it personally when I hear that someone didn’t enjoy themselves in Jamaica, and wonder what I can do to make them give it another chance.

The reason my travel blog is so popular is because people simply can’t find sufficient or accurate information on how to TRULY experience the island, which is why they end up emailing me to ask how to do it. The only information that’s out there is how to book an all-inclusive package and hire overpriced tour guides. Sometimes I feel like my blog (and others like it) have served more as a “meet the people” program than the actual program offered by Jamaica, because of the places I have taken my readers to meet locals and really get to know the culture, outside of the tourist traps.

It shouldn’t be the little people who are so concerned with showcasing what Jamaica has to offer aside from resorts, tourist towns and tourist traps. By little people I’m referring to travel bloggers like me, or one-man tour guide operations who are struggling to make a few dollars.


• Entire chunks of the island are missing from the Visit Jamaica website.
• Customer service and the desire to provide it are also missing from the website.
• Accommodation information that people can really use is missing.
• Any kind of positive vibe at all is missing.


I propose to offer myself on a contract basis to get the Visit Jamaica website up to par and make it current and relevant. With my knowledge of Jamaica and the desire to make the website approachable and functional I will do the research, writing and organizing of information that should be on a tourism website. I don’t need to be the technical person behind it but I will offer fresh insight on what it should contain.

I would also love to be the point of contact who actually replies to people at the other end of the “Contact Us” link on the site. This will let people know they are being heard and that their inquiries are taken seriously. It is very disappointing that none of my test inquiries have ever been responded to, as a customer nor a travel agent. I am listed as one of your Jamaica Specialist travel agents on the website but can’t even get a response.

My winter schedule is open and I’m always looking for an excuse to be on the island so if contracted by the JTB I will actually come to Jamaica to conduct some of my research to make sure it is accurate. As a foreigner who lives and breathes Jamaica and devotes myself to selling it, the reason I AM the person for this task is because I am NOT Jamaican. I see it from an outside point of view and notice things that we, as travelers, want to know.

I may not be a representative of the Jamaica Tourist Board but I can guarantee you I’ve experienced Jamaica more intimately and more frequently than many of the Canadian JTB representatives. I attended a travel trade show in my home town of Calgary, Canada and there was a Jamaica booth set up with tourist board representatives to talk to. Neither one of them could answer my questions. I strategically asked questions that every tourist should know but that very few agents actually do know.

I could talk about what’s wrong with the politics behind Jamaica for days but I can’t change a system that doesn’t want to change. Nor can I change the way people think. But I CAN offer my assistance to change the way one big segment of Jamaica appears to the rest of the world. TOURISM – it’s one of your best assets right? Just like Jamaica is one of mine.

With utmost respect,

Kristi A. Keller
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
(Home of the Cool Runnings story!)

I encourage your comments in the comment section below.
Good, bad or indifferent, I would like to hear them all!
I also encourage other revolutionaries to get in touch with me if you feel like helping take over the world.


  • Tessa says:

    Are there any cheap places to stay in ochi? I’m heading there for xmas to visit mah boo. Looking for something near john crowes if possible.

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  • Kristi says:

    DWL!! Off topic much Tessa?? There’s an Ochi section on this blog. Go check it.

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  • Seveen says:

    You go girl! I hope you get the job.

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  • SoSo says:

    Nice..After you get this job you should run for PM you have my vote. Thanks

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  • Terrific article! On every front. hard to imagine how the basics of your information (well…this is Jamaica). Would be a boon to aal JA if they took you up on offer of your assistance.
    Your credentials of experience…personal & professional is extremely extensive.

    Please let us know what, if any, response you receive.

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  • Ian says:

    I could not have said it better.

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  • Don't Your Breath says:

    As an American who lived in Jamaica almost 20 years I can tell you, at every level of government, from Police to Nurses, to MP’s, officers of the court, judges, immigration officials and no doubt ministers of tourism…hate to say it, but no one is going to try or care. Look at how they “protect” environment, yet know how important tourism is. The focus on AI’s does little to help the people, but the obstacles and lack of promotion of community tourism (the real gem of Jamaica) are going to mean self promotion is the only way.

    Those successful are self-promoting. Forget help from the JTB.

    Your letter was great and brought up a lot of valid points, who knows, maybe they’ll hire you! That’d do a lot of us operating small scale tourism enterprises a lot of good and I am sure your style of informing the public would lead to more people exploring JA, not just going to AI’s.

    Like I said though, don’t hold your breath. Keep blogging, keep spreading the word, cause JTB isn’t fit for the job!

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  • Natasha Turay says:

    Hands down you deserve the job , you know Jamaica better than some Jamaicans I know personally.

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  • Kristi says:

    LOL SoSo!! I’m not sure I could handle politics in Jamaica. I would be WAY too radical and angry hahaha.

    Roslyn: I will definitely do a follow up if I hear anything from them. Thanks for reading it!

    Ian: Thank you 🙂

    Holding Breath: Unfortunately that’s the same way I feel but if nothing else, they will read the letter and ignore it but KNOW that many people out there feel this way. As one person commented on my FB page, bloggers are a much more effective resource for travelers in general. I just don’t like that that’s how it is. We’re basically like free employees of the JTB anyway lol. Always promoting tirelessly with not much reward except that we love Jamaica. I have faith that in spite of the lame authorities that be, I’m making some good connections on a lower level and strength comes in numbers. The more of “me” there are the more impact or chance to make change even if we have to do it ourselves.

    Natasha: Thank you my dear! You’re another one of those awesome fans who’s always around supporting the efforts. I appreciate it.

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  • vera says:

    I think the letter is well written & gets straight to the point which is helping Jamaican tourism. I would hope that they take the letter with the respect in which it was written, and the bonus would be if in fact they took you up on your offer! I was surprised when I read the part that you had sent in comments or questions to the “contact us”. &had not heard back. That right away should be addressed if they do care about Tourism in Jamaica.
    Well done Kristie!

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  • Theresa says:

    Well said,Kristi! Hopefully it didn’t fall on deaf ears. Being another of those bloggers from “Farrin” who is in love with and promotes Jamaica, for free, as often as humanly possible, I am always disturbed by how little value JTB provides for both the people of Jamaica AND tourists. Here in California, I see TV ads promoting JA every day, but have the same experience as you – people go, don’t want to go back and tell others not to go. Other countries recognize what a goldmine tourism is FOR THEIR CITIZENS, not just for big foreign-owned AIs, and strive to promote themselves in every possible way… because a well-run tourism industry creates JOBS. Tourism is an economic powerhouse… but, sadly, not in JA.

    Here in California, in 2012, 230 million visitors traveled throughout this state, injecting $106 billion dollars into our economy, supporting nearly ONE MILLION JOBS and generating $11.4 BILLION in local, state and federal tax revenues. That impact is felt by many industries – including accommodations, transportation, attractions, restaurants, retail and many others – who ALL benefit from increased tourism. Those revenues support our much-needed public services as well. And imagine what we can accomplish in a GOOD economy! Tourism can be a catalyst for improving the well-being of all Jamaicans and help local communities and economies thrive.

    I can only think that the JTB “bigwigs” have the same foolish attitude as many others there; if it doesn’t put money in my own personal pocket, I am just not interested in helping out anyone else. I understand why the average Jamaica bad-mouths tourism and tourists. It’s because they don’t benefit from the industry at all.

    Clearly, Sandals funds JTB for its own interests, and good for them! But the rest of Jamaica desperately needs help. Their problems will NOT fix themselves. It takes hard work. I wish you luck in your effort to straighten them out!

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  • Alana Igbe says:

    I absolutely adored this article. I am currently living in Jamaica [have been for 12 years], and I still feel like a tourist. I would definitely love to help. Please send me an email, because I’m really interested in improving the tourism here.


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  • Janet says:

    Phew! Lawd of Mercy!…….pass the rum!!!

    You deserve the job after that whopping you gave them….

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  • Kristi says:

    Janet! LOL you made me laugh and yes, pass the rum ova yah so when yuh dun wit it.

    Alana: I will email you shortly.

    Theresa: You KNOW we have tried to support each other as much as possible over the years and I knew you would share the sentiments. Every time I think of going rogue and turning into an activist I think of dragging you onto my bandwagon LOL!

    Vera: That part surprises me too. I have sent legitimate requests via their website that just get ignored. I can’t imagine how I would feel if I were a REAL tourist who really needs information!

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  • Reeva says:

    Well written Kristi! I think you are well entitled for this position… Now will they listen, hopefully, but unfortunately the damn Tourist Board is run by politicians and as the rest of Jamaica they really don’t seem to invest much in their Image or people… More the Hotels and taking over all the beaches…. blah…

    love you Kristi

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  • Kristi says:

    Thanks Reeva. And yea, no response yet and it seems some readers are right…it may fall on deaf ears but I did my part lol.

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  • Outstanding!

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  • Bad breed whitey says:

    I feel your frustrations with the Land we love.
    I wish you much success.
    One love

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  • Beryl says:

    Your letter tells it like it is. I hope they can put their ego aside take the advice you offer and also give you the job. I’ve visitied some travel review sites and see tourist having some simple queries about Jamaica that they should be able to get from the Jamaica Toruist Board website. I have gone on the JTB site and I think it’s lacking lot of information

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  • Kristi says:

    Thanks Beryl. No response and no offers to do it for them. I guess the JTB is satisfied with mediocrity although tourism isn’t really suffering because of it. But imagine how IMPROVED tourism could be with a great site! But then again that would probably put people like me out of business lol.

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  • Susan says:

    Hi Kristi, Brilliant ideas. I’ll be in Ja Jan to March maybe longer.
    I’d like to meet you-and kick around some ways to make tourism work better for the locals. One love

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  • Kristi says:

    Email me in late December and I will know for sure what my dates would be in January. I’m really trying to get there that month.

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  • Kelly Little says:

    Hi Kristi,

    I like your ideas and support you as a fellow Canadian blogger – and honorary West Indian. I spend the majority of my time in Barbados (since 1996) and would just like to point out there are in fact beach hustlers in BIM.


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  • Kristi says:

    Hey Kelly, thanks for the comment and thanks for that piece of info too. I still really want to get down to Barbados and see what it’s like with my own eyes. It must be awesome!

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  • andrew says:

    Very good, comprehensive article. Also check out this article about Jamaica:

    Keep up the good work!

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  • Jrsanders says:

    As someone who is (Happily) being moved to Jamaica by my company for a two year project, I thank you both for you letter and your dedication to this blog. I have learned more from this website than all the other resources I have studied combined (and I have been studying)! Thanks for your passion for the Island and for not refusing to use your voice. We, the other visitors to the island, thank you!

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  • Kristi says:

    Thank you so much for your comment Joshua! I’m really glad to hear that you have learned a lot through my blog. That’s what it’s here for 🙂

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  • Kyra says:

    Kristi you are awesome. I just recently discovered your blog and love it. I too am a lover of Jamaica and have a blog in its infancy stage. I’ve traveled extensively and have always made my way to Jamaica every year, AT LEAST twice a year, since 2007. I totally felt your sentiment in this post. I love Jamaica so much, for many reasons and I hate having to defend myself every time go. I feel like I have an affliction when I’m told “why don’t you try another island, like Grenada or Trinidad, you would like it “. I’ve been to almost all of the caribbean islands and none of them have the vibes of Jamaica. I have Jamaican friends that don’t understand why I love Jamaica so much and that’s sad to me. I am an American and I love my country but there is an inexplicable feeling that washes over me when I’m riding towards Negril with green hills and mountains on my left and the beautiful blue sea on my right. I feel excited like I’m where I’m supposed to be. When I leave I always want to come back. Yes, there is a majority of the population who do like to just travel and that’s who the JTB speaks to. However there is a whole sector of people who have graduated from caribbean inspired buffets, Rick Cafe and Dunn’s River Falls. I bet if you expanded your blog or even created your own website that offered the information you suggested and started to generate revenue and sponsorship the JTB would notice. I empathize with your frustration but then I began to think maybe whoever is running that place just doesn’t know any better. I’m sure there are a lot of like minded people out there that are willing to help financially or through sweat equity. I am one of them. Why don’t you expand on what you have already created? Count me in.

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  • Kristi says:

    Thanks for commenting on this post because this blog is so big I’ve forgotten about so many things I’ve written. I’m going to send you an email. I’d love to talk to a fellow blogger about this kind of stuff.

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