Jamaican Puppies

This post is almost as ridiculous as the spider one but you’ll get a great laugh out this one! A long while back I posted about DOGS IN JAMAICA and showed pics of all these nice, lazy, cute island dogs.  Well this post is gonna show you how they all start out!

This puppy belonged to friends of mine in Steer Town, Jamaica and it was the craziest creature on the planet!  We tried EVERYTHING to subdue it so we could have a nap one day and this is pretty much what we ended up with. Must be something in the water!!

Lord have mercy!! This dog gave us a run for our money. The tragic ending of the story is that Dagga was stolen from his owners a couple days after this video 🙁 So I never saw him again but I’m sure he’s still doing the dutty wine at his new house!


  • EmpressDoms says:

    oh this is too cute!! your editting job was on point.. it look like he was on beat and everything!!

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  • JC says:

    LMAO this dog was seriously on crack. My son watched it and asked if it was drunk LOL!

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  • Ginger says:

    I laughed my head off. What a dog. Maybe that is why he was stolen.

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