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My Island Cup Runneth Over

On January 7 of this year (2014) there was a full page spread of my horoscope in The Calgary Herald, which was odd because I’m a Sagittarius and January has nothing to do with my zodiac sign.  The first two lines in my full page spread were enough to inspire me to rip the page out of the paper, take it home and keep it.  All year.  I still have that page and looking back on it now those first two lines were no lie.  They read:


HELLO 2014!  A revolution is taking place in your life!


Those words are only the tip of my 2014 iceberg.  It’s only April and so far I bought a brand new car (and got a date with a dude in the deal), launched my travel blogging course, became destined (by buying a ticket) to win the Foothills Home Lottery.

A week after reading my 2014 horoscope I bid farewell to Jamaica in pursuit of more worldly (or Caribbeanly) options when suddenly the Tobago Island Connoisseur contest fell into my lap.  It wasn’t until that happened that I started to feel an INCREDIBLE amount of gratitude towards the events and people who have been strategically placed into my life.  I also started to feel that I’m a little cooler than I originally thought.

Out of what I heard were approximately 200 travel bloggers who applied to become Tobago’s Island Connoisseur I found out on Monday (April 21) that I made the top 10 cut in this friggin amazing opportunity and dream job.  Rather than my head swelling I think my heart is going to explode over how grateful I feel about the world conspiring towards me living out my dreams.  I read The Alchemist – I know how this all works.

Gratitude item #1 – Random tourism officials and judges in the contest saw the passion in what I do enough to choose me above many others, some that I even felt threatened by.

Gratitude item #2 – After appearing in my CTV interview about making the top 10, I had no idea that I’d start receiving messages of support from people I went to elementary school with and previously worked at the City of Calgary with.  These are people I haven’t talked to in literally years but they saw me on the news and felt compelled to contact me.

Gratitude item #3 – The hundreds of friends and fans who have answered the call to action and shared my story to their networks in an effort to help me win this contest!  AND my neighbors!  They’re so cute – I found this hanging on my door Monday night when I came home.

kristi keller tobago island connoisseur


Gratitude item #4 – I owe a MASSIVE shout out to my girl Dyana of Sunny D Travel in Montreal, who seems to have appointed herself as my campaign manager and is working what feels like 24/7 to boost my exposure Canada-wide and Caribbean-wide.

Gratitude item #5 – The many PR and media outlets who are helping me share my story, and all the future ones to come.  I really can’t comprehend that on DAY ONE of campaigning I had CTV News sitting in my living room by noon, and a 6:00pm radio interview with VertiKal Magazine.  I have also had an appearance on Trini Vibe TV lined up for weeks pending me making the top 10.  That interview is forthcoming.

I had to laugh to myself today on my way to work.  I was a little scared to go there because I wondered who had seen my CTV interview talking about scoring my dream job.  I hadn’t mentioned it at work at all yet because if I didn’t make the top 10 there would be no point in my job knowing I was likely to be taking 2 months off shortly.  In my defense, when they hired me I told them I’m a freedom junkie and need flexibility.  I’m a travel blogger.  What do they expect?  I work for Marriott Hotels & Resorts so it’s all related in the long run.

The first person I saw after walking in the door was all over it.  She saw me on TV and absolutely wanted to vote for me.  Then as people started showing up for work throughout the day it turns out almost everyone had seen it…..including my managers.  To my surprise ALL of them are behind me and just helped boost my excitement level!

One of the COOLEST things ever to come out of this contest is my mother is so excited that she got inspired to learn how the hell to use Facebook in order to spam her friends!!!

I would also like to BIG UP my far-away people for adding some foreign IP addresses to my vote list:  Holland, Japan, Australia and Jamaica of course.

Without further delay, now is the time for YOU to get on my bandwagon because voting ends May 16!!  If you haven’t yet cast your vote you can do so by clicking the image below or visiting  I’m ever so grateful for the support and as anyone who has followed me to Jamaica over the past 10 years will tell you, the ride won’t be disappointing!

NOTE:  Everyone can vote twice per IP address. So VOTE TWICE from your laptop AND your cell phone AND your tablet AND your work computer LOL!!


kristi keller tobago island connoisseur


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  1. I’ve got this nagging feeling you’re going to win the competition! And anyone will tell you “Miss Diva never tell lie”

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  2. I have the same feeling!! It’s funny from the very beginning I haven’t once imagined not winning. I’ve always talked about WHEN I’m in Tobago, not IF I’m there. It’s just happening!

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  3. Keep up the positivity!

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  4. You are the Island Connoisseur and I found my calling! A win win. Our job is now to let everyone know that the only way you can win is to get those votes! So Vote for Kristi :) lol

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  5. knock their socks off, Kristi… or their water shoes? anyways, hope you’ve got your Tobago to-do list started!

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  6. Absolutely Dyana! We’re going to take over all the island tourist boards one by one LMAO!

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  7. I just voted for you!! Good Luck!

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  8. Thanks Linda!

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  9. Hey Kristi, I am a college student at CSUB and my instructor asked us to follow a blog for ten days and write about it. Well, I’m following you girl!! I am a SAG too! Born Dec. 10th, in the 70’s Ha! I’m planning our honeymoon for Jamaica and that’s how I found your blog. I’ve written this post twice, so hopefully this one goes through. Good Luck on the Contest!!

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  10. Thanks Jessica! We’ve already been emailing now so we’ll carry on that way. And THANK YOU for choosing me!!

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