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What is Jamaica My Way?

And how can your business benefit by working with me?


Jamaica My Way is an award-winning travel blog and website that offers valuable travel information, stories of adventure, local culture and people, money-saving tips, and ways to get the most out of one’s travels to the island.  Readers of Jamaica My Way benefit from first hand travel information and tips, written from a refreshing and humorous angle.

Jamaica My Way is a collection of written stories, reviews, photos and videos experienced and compiled by Kristi Keller, a Canada-based writer and adventure seeker.  Kristi has been visiting Jamaica since 2003 and has spent several extended stays living and working on the island.  She has also been a contributor for the Our Jamaica magazine, Forbes Travel Guide, More To Jamaica, and several other publications related to travel in Jamaica.

Jamaica My Way has been in existence since January of 2009 and has a loyal following of fans worldwide with a strong social media program in effect.  Working with the site will promote your brand or destination to a diverse cross section of travelers seeking a range of different travel experiences.

The site has an average of 20,000 page views per month and 10,000 unique visitors monthly.

Jamaica My Way social media stats:  over 4100 Facebook fans, over 1700 Twitter followers, 600+ Instagram followers.

The international readership breakdown is as follows:

43% Jamaica, 36% USA, 8% Canada, 6% United Kingdom.



Throughout the multi-year history of Jamaica My Way:

I have been privately hired to work on MANY independent projects related to travel and tourism in Jamaica.  Over the years the number of requests has increased to a level where I could comfortably turn it into a business.

Below are a many free and paid marketing opportunities for individuals and businesses seeking coverage on Jamaica My Way.

NOTE:  If you are only interested in the free opportunities, please understand that because they are free the demand for these is much greater.  Which means the wait times can be much longer.  It also means that I will hand-pick the best proposals and offers.  In short, if you’d like something more immediate or guaranteed, then have a look at the paid opportunities.  These are always prioritized ahead of any free services that I offer.


Free Marketing Opportunities

Have you got a cool product that you think would be a great fit for Jamaica My Way readers?  We love trying out new things so send us something to test run for you.  Products can be anything from luggage to laptops – any product or gadget related to travel or Jamaica.  If you’ve got something our readers can benefit from and you’d like to see it featured please CONTACT ME with your proposal using the subject line of: Product Review Proposal.

To see an example of the coverage we give in a product review please CLICK HERE

Accommodation reviews represent the ultimate coverage on Jamaica My Way because we receive many emails each week asking for advice on where to stay.  Of course I refer them back to my reviews FIRST, which are very detailed with multiple photos (and possibly video) and get a lot of publicity on the blog.  They often stay in a top 3 spot on the main page for a couple of months or until new reviews replace them.

Proposals for a review typically include 3 to 4 complimentary nights in order to fully experience what your accommodation and surrounding area has to offer.  Your review on Jamaica My Way is then published near the end of my stay or shortly after.  To submit your proposal for an accommodation review please CONTACT ME with the subject line of: Free Accommodation Review, along with full details of your offer and I will consider you for my next trip.

NOTE:  Please understand that free reviews are done on my personal travel schedule whenever my next trip happens to be.  If you would like something more immediate or exclusive, support with travel expenses (eg. flights) is always a big bonus and can be a strong determining factor in ensuring a visit.  Please see the section on Paid Reviews in the paid section below for details.



Are you a Jamaican chef or a restaurant looking for a little extra coverage?  Send us your favorite Jamaican recipe and we’ll publish it with a link back to your website.  Please include at least one high quality photo of the finished food dish, the list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the dish.

To submit your recipe CONTACT ME using the subject line of Recipe of the Week.

If you have a super amazing photo you’ve taken in Jamaica that you think our readers would drool over then by all means, send it to us!  But it must have a WOW! factor.  If we accept it as photo of the week we’ll publish it on the blog along with a bit about the image and a link to your website.  This is open to everyone but is of particular interest to photographers looking to raise the profile of their work. Of course the photographer retains all rights to their image.

To submit your photograph CONTACT ME using the subject line of Photo of the Week.

Remember you can comment on ANY of the blog posts found on Jamaica My Way.  How does this help your business?  There are nearly 400 blog posts on the blog that you can read and comment on. When leaving your comment you will be asked for your name, your email address and your website address which will lead our readers to YOUR websites.  Please only post comments that add value to the conversation.  All comments are moderated so if you only post ads or short one-liners that have no relevancy to the blog post they will not be approved. 

PAID Marketing Opportunities

Jamaica My Way will publish a press release if it is UNIQUE content and related to Jamaican events.  Most press releases tend be identical content sent to multiple outlets at the same time.  Google doesn’t like duplicate content and we won’t compromise our ranking over duplicate content.  So please ensure your press release information is uniquely written for our site.

CONTACT ME using the subject line Press Release to have your information considered.  If we decide to publish it the fee is $50.00 USD  

Have you got a stunning room or suite you want our readers to know about?  Here’s your chance to have it featured on our site with a link back to your own website!  A special “Suite of the Week” category will be created for these features and we’ll be splashing them all over our social media regularly.  If you would like to have your most luxurious or unique suite featured please send us the following information:

– Name and location of the property, and name of the suite if applicable.

– Cost per night of the suite.

– Who has stayed there (any celebrities?)

– A summary of what makes it so special.

CONTACT ME using the subject line Suite of the Week to have your amazing suite featured!  $100.00 USD

This is by far the most visible advertising choice on Jamaica My Way.  All banner ads are a direct link back to your website.  The ad space is full site width at 970 x 90 pixels and there are only three ad placement choices for this size.

1.  Ad space appears on every single page below the white menu bar and above all blog content.  Everyone sees this ad first on every single page.  $100.00 USD per month.

2.  Ad space appears on the main page above the “latest reviews” section.  Everyone who scrolls down the main page will see this ad.  $75.00 USD per month.

3.  Ad space appears on the main page above the “latest posts” section.  Everyone who scrolls down the main page will see this ad.  $50.00 USD per month.

Large banner ads are available on a month-to-month basis with a maximum of only ONE ad in each space at a time.

CONTACT ME using the subject line Large Banner Ad to get your ad started.