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what is jamaica my way


Jamaica My Way is an award-winning Jamaica travel website that offers realistic (and fun) articles, reviews, tales of adventure, local culture, and ways to get the most out of independent travel to the island.  This website was born in January of 2009 which currently makes it one of the longest running Jamaica travel blogs on the internet.  Readers benefit from first-hand travel information and tips, written from a refreshing, honest, and humorous point of view.

I’m Kristi Keller, a Canadian travel writer with an insatiable desire for being in Jamaica.  I’ve landed on the island more than thirty times since 2003 and have spent several extended stays in order to explore every corner of it.  But I STILL.  WANT.  MORE.   Doing Jamaica my way makes for some intriguing, informative and highly amusing travel chronicles contained within the 400+ stories on this blog.

Below are a couple of my favorite ways to collaborate.


If you’re looking for a Jamaica travel writer:


In addition to writing for Jamaica My Way I have also been hired to write for several publications related to Jamaica travel and tourism, which include (but are not limited to):



I am always delighted to contribute to publications related to Jamaica travel and tourism so if a writer is what you’re looking for, I’m your girl!   Shoot me an EMAIL or visit my contact page with your proposal and we’ll take it from there.


If you would like me to write a review of your accommodation in Jamaica:


Accommodation reviews are by far my most favorite thing about being a Jamaica travel blogger!  I’ve been writing reviews of Jamaican accommodations since 2009 and my readers LOVE all the insight and options I provide them with.  To see an example of one of my most recent reviews please visit San Bar VillaTo see all reviews please visit THIS LINK.

If you own or operate a Jamaican resort, hotel, villa or guest house and you would like exposure to thousands of Jamaica travelers please contact me to set up your review.  Please be advised that I do not write about accommodations that I have not personally stayed at.  I like to give my readers an honest assessment of each property and the only way to do that is to experience it.

Here’s how it works:  Accommodations typically provide me with anywhere from 2 to 7 nights complimentary accommodation.  During my stay I experience everything your property and surrounding area has to offer and then I write a comprehensive review of my experience.  Each review contains a direct link back to the property website and  full social media coverage on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. 

Please note:  Although accommodation reviews do not cost you anything, they are done on my personal travel schedule and budget.  I am far more likely to be in Jamaica for extended periods during the winter travel season between October and May.  If you require something more immediate that works better for your schedule then assistance with flight costs are necessary.

Shoot me an EMAIL or visit my contact page with your review proposal and we’ll take it from there. 



Social Statistics

Jamaica My Way has a loyal following of fans worldwide with a strong social media program in effect.  Working with the site will promote your brand or business to a diverse cross section of travelers seeking a range of different travel experiences in Jamaica.


The site has an average of 20,000 page views per month and more than 10,000 unique visitors per month.


FACEBOOK –  With more than 4100 likes, this is by far my most active and interactive social media platform.  All new posts and reviews are circulated via the Facebook page first.  When polled, my readers indicated that Facebook is their preferred social media platform.

TWITTER –  Currently more than 1700 followers on Twitter.

INSTAGRAM – More than 700 followers on Instagram and growing at a steady pace.  Many of my Jamaica photos are exclusive to the Instagram page.

YOUTUBE – Over 700 subscribers with over 707,000 combined video views.